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  1. superdoug3

    350XT Hand Guards - cheap

    I found out hand guards come in 7/8 and 1 1/8 inch fit. I need 7/8 inch. None of the descriptions specify, so I have posted a question to Parts-unlimited. will see.
  2. superdoug3

    350XT Hand Guards - cheap

    I am looking for some inexpensive hand guards for my 1994 350XT. I looked on Parts-Unlimited and there are so many and not enough information for me to make a choice. Just something to save my knuckles when cruising along a trail and a branch jumps out. suggestions please?
  3. superdoug3

    1984 350XT flooding out going downhill

    great advice - I did try to unblock tube first and then I tried blowing through canister and it was quite hard to blow through, so then I decided to remove it. Bike is purring now. will check spark plug for mixture and decide on main jet size over the winter. only a few days before the snow flies.
  4. superdoug3

    1984 350XT flooding out going downhill

    Jsnmid: Good news. With the information you supplied about how the canister works and how to do a proper canisterectomy, the problem is solved. The canister seems almost plugged, so I will remove it. As far as a larger jet - is a larger jet needed because I will now be getting more air with the canister removed. Should I run the bike and check the spark plug for running lean
  5. superdoug3

    1984 350XT flooding out going downhill

    This is my mistake. I am almost certain that this is a stock CA model. I assumed that the canister, airtight gas cap and roll over valve in the gas tank provided a closed system and thus no venting. JsnMid above explained that the rollover valve provides venting to this closed system. I will purchase a new rollover valve.
  6. superdoug3

    1984 350XT flooding out going downhill

    thank you for the detailed tech specs. After reading your reply a 2nd time, I think you have solved my problem. "CA model vents through the rollover valve and carbon canister" hence I need to replace the Rollover valve. When I originally did the canisterectomy, I routed the hose from the tank into the carburetor where the canister originally went into. LOoks like I did it wrong. I was thinking of leaving the canister on as this seems to have helped some.
  7. superdoug3

    1984 350XT flooding out going downhill

    I had a vast improvement today on my test ride 1. I put the carbon canister back on 2. I left the gas cap loose - the gas tank is not vented. I can not ride like this because when I drop the bike the gas runs onto the ground, but I am much happier.
  8. Anyone experience this. I have a 1984 350 XT - California model. It runs fine uphill and on the flats, but floods out going downhill. It back fires a lot and then dies. It starts right up after I let it sit for about 1 minute. About 10,000 miles on engine Replaced items float valve and float valve seat, I adjusted float height to manual specs, nothing then I tried the method where the float is is set to be level with the bowl, worse. rubber intake manifold boots spark plug Modified items removed - carbon canister No modifications to carburetor or engine. Ongoing action I have a mechanic working on it and he found a missing seal. He used silicon to replace the seal, but it still floods out going down a long hill (3-4 minutes long). I am sure that it didn't do this 6 years ago, but I have not been able to solve my problem since. Mechanic check that valve clearance was accurate Mechanic ideas 1. put carbon canister back on to see if this makes a difference 2. the gas tank is air tight and has a valve inside of the tank to let air in, possibly replace this valve - I am going to ride downhill with gas cap loose to see if letting tank breath helps 3. might be the faulty coil - although bike only runs bad when going downhill. I like this bike but it is no longer a pleasure to ride.