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  1. kfc2003

    Best OTD price in Arizona, 2006 250X

    I paid $5750 OTD back in mid December for an 06 CRF250X from Western Honda in Phoenix. Go with Cash In Hand and any dealer is much more likely to give you a good price. Timing can make a difference too...end of year sale, end of month quotas, etc.
  2. kfc2003

    Pink wire toggle switch

    For the switch to work, you must cut the wire. This places the switch in series with the current running through the wire. I haven't done the mod yet but intend to do so once I get around to the other performance mods (e.g. air box, jetting, exhaust, etc.)
  3. kfc2003

    A Tribute to Rick Ramsey

    Ditto. Your website has quickly become my #1 source of info for the 250x. It is also a big reason why I decided to purchase the 250x....like you, I already have a 230 (excellent bike for having some relaxing fun on the trails) but wanted something more to keep up with everyone else... Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.
  4. kfc2003

    '06 Prices

    I drove to Phoenix (from Hell Centro, CA) a few weeks ago and got an 06 CRF250X for $5750 OTD (cash) from Western Honda. Original over the phone quote was $5950. The CA dealers didn't want to deal over the phone.