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  1. I am not sure if this Italian made model was released in the US - that said can anybody suggest a US supplier of chromed inner fork tubes/staunchions? Many thanks, Aaron Perth, Western Australia.
  2. aaronjthompson

    650cc XR kit for XL 600 RF?

    Thanks, I'll have to look into this! Aaron
  3. aaronjthompson

    650cc XR kit for XL 600 RF?

    Can I please have some feed-back guys? Thanks, Aaron
  4. aaronjthompson

    650cc XR kit for XL 600 RF?

    I have just purchased a 650cc piston kit for an XR 600 but intend to use it on my 1985 XL 600 RF - see: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1,1&item=4607645223&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT Can I just over bore the cylinder by 3mm or do I need a HRC cylinder as well? i.e. can the cylinder take a 3mm overbore or will there be problems? Thanks, Aaron
  5. I am currently rebuilding a low mileage 1985 Honda XL 600 RF as a super moto for road use only. The existing wiring harness is a little worn and given that a new wiring harness is relatively cheap and that they are no longer available in Australia (I am in Perth, Western Australia), I want to get a new wiring harness, at least as a spare if the existing proves to be OK. Problem is I can't get one according to my local Honda dealer as the bike is just over 20 years old. Where is the cheapest place to get a new electrical harness in the USA? Postage is not prohibitive, so I'd appreciate it if you could point me to the cheapest supplier in the USA - preferaby on line, but if not a 'phone number will do. Many thanks in advance, Aaron
  6. I am currently rebuilding a low mileage 1985 Honda XL 600RF as a supermoto and it was running fine but has sat garaged for 7 years. Before I reassemble it and find there might be an electrical problem would it be worth taking the electrical harness to a motorcycle electrician to test and possibly rebuild - or even just rebuild as preventative maintenance as it's 21 years old and cables deteriorate? I'm not an electrician so can anybody advise me about what I should do and whether it's a waste of money having the wiring harness checked or even rebuilt as a precaution? Thanks, Aaron Perth, Western Australia.
  7. Has anybody any experience of doing this? - I have a low mileage 1985 XL 600 RF (dual carb) that I am restoring and rebuilding as a supermoto and the air box is such a pain to get back into the frame (which I have powder coated) that I thought I'd junk it and get K&N conical air filters to fit on each of the two intakes as I want to improve air-intake anyway. I am also doing the following modifications: - replacing the exhaust system with high flow stainless steel headers and a FMF PowerCore4 muffler - Hotcam installed - considering fitting a HRC 650cc cylinder for an XR 600 with an appropriate big bore kit if possible I realise that jetting will need to be changed, but can I safely junk the air box and go to conical K&N airfilters? Has anybody have any experience of taking a XL 600 RF out to 650cc?? Many thanks! Aaron