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  1. Rick... Thanks for the reply and all the info......the wires in the stator were form fitted to only fit to the posts that they were detached from in other words they would only fit to the specific terminals.....a friend of mine did manage to trace back the problem to the regulator/rectifier hopefully. I will replace this and see if it was the problem. Thanks again for your help and wish you lived closer I could use the plastics listed in your signature.....Alex
  2. Hello All.....I was running the bike with no lighting for about 2 years because I thot that it had something to do with my hard start problems. I bought a new ballistic battery and start problem is somewhat solved ....I thot well now that the start problem is worked out I'd like to get my lights back on for street use every now and then ( bike is plated ) bought new bulbs for the headlight and tail lamp ... No lights...I checked my stator and two wires were disconnected inside so they got resoldered and wallah I have lights now....problem is I thot the lights were only on during the time the motor was on....lights on all the time now....also stator gets real hot and I'm blowing fuses now .....tried searching but no luck ...any help is appreciated and sorry for the long post ....Alex
  3. studio5o

    converting to fcr on te450 2004

    gotcha.......sounds like a good plan......I too was having starting issues and looked at the mikuni....but when I hooked the battery up to my boat battery she fired right up.....got a new battery on order and we'll see if that's the culprit...thanks for the info.....good luck with the conversion....Alex
  4. studio5o

    converting to fcr on te450 2004

    Sorry I cant be of help regarding switching carbs.....but I did read your non-starting thread and thot u worked out the bugs......any reason for the switch?? I have the same bike as u and was wondering the benefits of switching...thanks Alex
  5. Did a search but was not definitive on what I needed. My '04 te 450 has the "Mikuni" carb on it and I was wondering what after market fuel screw would work for this carb???? Thanks Alex
  6. studio5o

    Yuasa Battery....differences???

    I never realized I was overcarging the battery.....thanks for the info guys.....I'll have to put it on my trickle charger......thanks Alex
  7. studio5o

    Yuasa Battery....differences???

    nichi...thanks for the advice ...i never considered at 2 amps it might be too high.....hopefully someone will chime in with more info.....
  8. studio5o

    Yuasa Battery....differences???

    Good info guys thanks....just a lil more info...I have a few other toys that are all on battery tenders (boat, jet ski , toyhauler,street bike, buggy, riding lawn mower) all seem to have lasted 2 years or more....the tenders I have are the Schumacher Ship-n-Shore SSC 1500A....its a smart tender that senses voltage and adjusts accordingly between 2amp,10amp,and 15amp depending on the needs of the battery....I have used these tenders with success for my other batteries....as far as prep for the Yuasa battery prior to putting it into service I had it on the charger for 24 hours. Just no luck with it .....I did buy the Motocross YTZ7S battery supposed to be made by Yuasa ...we'll see how long it holds up....thanks again for the replies
  9. studio5o

    Yuasa Battery....differences???

    Thanks for the replies folks...good info....did a lil more searching and found that there are quite a few batteries out there that list the same specs as the Yuasa battery at near half the price. I replaced the Yuasa that was in my bike with a Yuasa this past summer and save for about a week it has always been on a charger ...suufice to say I'm not happy having to replace it again so early....and yes it was on a smart charger that checked voltage regularly so it would not sulfate the battery.....gonna try one of the cheap ones for now and make a comparison ....thanks again...Alex
  10. I'm about to buy a new Yuasa battery and priced them out RMATV had them at 95+shpg....I did some internet research and found Tri-state batteries sells a yuasa made battery but marketed under their MOTOCROSS name...here's some literature: "The Motorcross battery brand is a house brand manufactured by Yuasa battery for the automotive warehouse distributor business and is the primary label for all battery specialist business in the U.S , Canada and Mexico. The Motocross brand contains products made in Taiwan , Japan and some domestic production. Motorcross label is sold only through the battery specialist and not directly to any retail group or chain store" any truth that their battery is an actual Yuasa Battery??????Theirs runs 80 and free shipping......thx Alex
  11. studio5o

    boil over problems

    I cant seem to fine my catch tank ....on my '04 te 450...can someone enlighten my stupidity with a picture?.......the old t-plastic fitting finally overheated so much that it wore a hole in the darn thing and spewed coolant all over the place ...good thing i made it out of stoneyford and didn't go for that one last ride of the day.......
  12. studio5o

    Trailer Pictures Only

    Lots of nice rigs....the dealer called my toyhauler a dinosaur when it went in for some minor service but here it is.... Hope it works..... Oh yeah it's a '95 ww fb2500 and the rig is an '04 dodge 2500 qc 4x4 sb
  13. studio5o

    Pics Of Your Rig

    04.5 Dodge 2500 CTD.....'95 WW 27' Hope this works.....
  14. studio5o

    Kouba link Fit for an '04 TE 450????

    Rlw...thx for the reply....i measured and sure enough it looks like i'll have to shave the swingarm.... Fitness....any local upholstery shp should be able to do this. A local shop in my area charges between 50 to 75 bucks depending on how much shaving he has to do....
  15. studio5o

    Kouba link Fit for an '04 TE 450????

    Guys, Thanks for the replies ...I think with all the feedback I'll just shave the seat down 1" to 1.5" to get it to where i'm comfortable and can put my feet down. Just like to have that confidence of being able to put my foot down without sacrificing the swingarm.......