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  1. allbline420

    crf 50 front fork

    i don't know exactly how high i'm gonna go, but i'm gonna go as big as i can. you guys know what a good front and rear rim size would be and what brand to get. my stock rear is warped from jumping
  2. allbline420

    crf 50 front fork

    i'm currently running a reservoir ishock with the stock swinger and it seems to be doing ok, but i'm eventually gonna get somekind of aftermarket swingarm
  3. allbline420

    crf 50 front fork

    i'm looking into a front fork setup for my fiddie. whats some bang for the buck options??? or should i just go with a marzzocci setup
  4. allbline420

    Bbr Sp-5

    anybody have experience with this fork on your 50??? let me know what you think