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  1. P1M

    2005 Rm450

    I'm at sea level I have tried a 42 pilot jet and have also gone up to the 170 main jet. It has a yosh exhaust. I changed the noozle for the needle thinking that was it and still runs the same. I have checked and cleaned the ground and all other connecters It sounds like it is responding to the jetting changes when it is on the stand but when I ride it is more noticable
  2. Here is what I know Motor was completly rebuilt top and bottom end. Bike starts and idles fine. At about 6000rpm bike has a mis. Bike runs fine on the low end and runs fine at full throttle. When you ride the bike in the midrange is stumbles really bad. Main jet 165 pilot 148 Needle NCY R set in the fourth position Carb has been cleaned several times I have moved the needle clip and leaning it out does help however; It still does it. I have even tried a NCY S needle and that didn't work. Issue seems to get worse when bike gets hot. What am I missing!
  3. P1M

    Zeta Pivot Levers - 06' CRF 450X

    I'm a dealer for Zeta and the 450R levers do fit. Below are the part numbers for the 3 fingure units Clutch ZE42-3110 Brake ZE41-3106
  4. P1M

    Zeta Pivot Levers - 06' CRF 450X

    I am running Zeta levers on my CRFX and I love them. I had the old style ASV on my old bike and the started to get loose on me and just had alot of free play. I have the 3 finger levers and I love them and they have held up really well.
  5. I am almost at sea level and I am running a 165 main. Been running this for 4 years now with the HRC needle.
  6. P1M

    XR400 problem

    Have you cleaned the air filter? I would also pull the fuel mixture screw out and look down the passage and make sure it is clean. I had an issue with my XR where the little o-ring came apart thats at the end of the mixyute screw and fell in the passage.
  7. ok if the reverse light is going on when you are not in reverse take a look by the shifting linkage and where the shifter is.... You will see the arm that engages the reverse and right next to it there is a a wire that goes into a sensor. Take that off and clean it and make sure it is plugged in ALL the way...... This is a safety feature and limits the rev box so you can't go wide open in reverse. The quad will run really bad and act like a carb problem if this is unplugged
  8. When I installed the new needle and needle jet it started right up but as soon as you gave it gas it bog and die out. I had the needle clip set in the middle "we are at sea level here" and 2 turns out on the mixture screw. I tried turning in the mixture screw and turning it out and nothing. I took that carb apart 3 times and cleaned and blew everything out and it didn't work. I installed the old needle jet that was drilled and it is doing what it did before. Past half throttle it runs great but between 1/4 and 1/2 it sputters and runs rich. This carb does have a vacuum assist slide and the slide does show signs of wear. Could this be the problem????
  9. It sure is... that was the first thing I checked. I can't believe it ran worse I thought sure it was the needle jet after he told me he drilled it.
  10. ok so I installed a new needle jet and needle. The funny thing was I was talking to my buddy about when he installed his dynojet kit and he stated that dyonjet instructions said to drill the needle jet. Well after reviewing the instructions with him they said to drill the slide lift hole..... HE DRILLED OUT THE WRONG HOLE!!!! So Eddie I though for sure you where right about the needle jet and needle. I installed the new needle and the needle jet and it runs even worse! It just dies out when you give it gas and when the choke is on you can almost get it to run but it is still running rich and back firing. I took it back apart....checked everything and it did the same thing. So I put the old drilled out needle jet back in and it is running like it did before....rich between 1/4 and 1/2 throttle. I am really lost now! I NEED IDEAS!!!!!
  11. OK..... I installed the stock needle and I still have the same issue. My question is..... Has anbody ever needed to replace the needle jet and why did they replace it? I totally agree that the problem lies somewhere with the needle or the pilot. IS there any chance that there is still one other thing that could be causing this. Eddie thanks for the advise!
  12. P1M

    XR 400 Jetting

    I would wait on jetting until you get a exhaust. If it is a california model they did come jetted pretty lean. Leave the snorkle in until you do the exhaust and jet it. I tried removing mine when it was stock and it ran like crap. When I did my exhaust I ran a 165 main jet, the HRC tapered needle right in the middle, 2 turns out on the mixture screw, stock pilot, Uni filter with the snorkle off and I have kept this set up for 6 yrs now. I am almost at sea level.
  13. I have a 1999 Honda 300 FW quad that is running rich from idle to 1/2 throttle. It has a dynojet kit in with just the main jet and needle being dyno jet and the pilot jet is stock. The guy I am doing the work for states that it use to run fine. I removed the airbox lid because it has a white bro. exhaust and a K&N. Put a new plug in ran it at half throttle checked it and the plug was the fluffy black cooler. So ok still to rich, I have dropped the needle and turn the mixture screw and have tried everything. I did notice wear on the inside of the carb where the slide is and some where on the slide. Could this cause it? Or could the dynojet needle be causing it? Is there any other reason besideds carberation I should check.
  14. P1M

    PalmSprings area ride sat mor

    I am in the washignton business park just north of Varner road off of Washington. If you know where the Palm Desert Harley shop is I am just down the street at 77980 Wildcat Dr. #4 Palm Desert 92211. I'm open today until 2:00 thats why I can't go today.
  15. P1M

    PalmSprings area ride sat mor

    Hey Mark, We might be going out tomorrow morning on Sunday. We ride out near Sky Valley all the time. I own Performance 1 Motorsports. I'm surprised you haven't been by to check out my shop yet.