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  1. Will do. Decided to go ride in WV last time down there we found some nice outlaw trails the locals showed us going to explore it a little more this weekend. I still want to hit Red Bird this spring so I will try to get the GPS track for sure thanks for the info.
  2. I don't know the difference between the two I think the Red Bird Crest trail is this the system where you park at the Rangers station? If so that is the trail I was thinking about the last time I rode there we rode from the ranger station clear through trail 11 and then got confused on how to get to #12 a lot of trees down. Where is the Red Bird SRA? I would be interested in both trail maps looking for all the information I can get.
  3. Okay it has been forever since I have been on this website wow things have changed not sure if I am even posting this in the right forum. Anyhow I was thinking about heading down to ride Red Bird which I haven't ridden in 3 years has anyone ridden it recently? If so are the trails still good shape and are they marked? I know the last time I was there we got turned around and the trails were not marked we had a great day of riding but had no idea where we were at. Just trying to get some info on trail conditions. GHill
  4. There was actually a decent amount of snow on the ground especially at the higher elevations. Saturday it got up in to the mid 50's and was sunny so parts of the trail that got sun light melted but then you go around a corner where the sun wasn't hitting the trail then frozen slick icy trail again. It was weird you had to tread lightly just when you would think the trails were thawed you would find a ice patch. I was out of control all weekend and not comfortable on the bike but with that being said I would go do it again!
  5. Maine

    Matt, Thanks for the info I have been told that bikes are not allowed on most of these trail systems because the land is private owned and the land owners don't want bikes on the trails Is this true? My bikes are enduro bikes and they are legally plated in Ohio. Technical rocky trails do not bother me to much as long as there not super extreme. I ride often in TN,WV and Kentucky so gnarly, rocky, muddy trails are not uncommon to me. I have a quad I will be bringing to but I ma more of a two wheel guy and just wanted to see if it's worth bringing the bike along.
  6. Cut the foam out and it helped but it was 29 degrees Friday when we hit the trails so I wasn't sweating to bad. The very first trail we rode had 1" of ice across the top of the water holes my big ass busted through most them except for one. I am in third gear lugging the bike around 20 miles per hour (guessing) when I hit this water/ice patch that is around 10' in length and all hell broke loose. Two trees later and a busted fork guard, banged up knee, and heart pumping somehow I was still on two wheels. Just dumb luck!
  7. Not a bad idea may neighbor has a couple of pair I will check them out. Thanks Dale I will give it a try.
  8. Understood still seams it would be uncomfortable.
  9. Well riding faster does help but unfortunately I can only go so fast!
  10. Isn't that hard on your nose and face no foam protection?
  11. I am headed South tonight to ride in TN tomorrow and Saturday and just noticed my goggles are shot. I have tried several different types of brands and goggles through out the years but have never found a pair that don't fog up on me. I have tried the anti-fog crap, vented goggles you name it nothing works for me. I suppose me sweating like a pig when I ride doesn't help I usually get pissed off about it fogging up after 15 minutes of riding and ditch the goggles. I am not crazy about wearing safety glasses as some people do any suggestions on a good pair of goggles that won't fog up? GHill
  12. I am trying to find out how the trail riding is at Rangeley Lake in Maine we are planning a end of August. I ride a bike and the other three people would be on quads and would prefer easier type of riding I like it all including single track if there is any. So I have a couple of questions is a riding permit required, do they allow quads and bikes, are the trail marker well or is a GPS needed? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  13. It was supposed to be open two years ago and then for sure this spring. The last time I talked to Bill I think there was still one last land contract that needed to be signed and for some reason they can't get it done.
  14. I remember that trip Dale a great time and I definitely want to make that trip again next spring. I think that was the trip I road with you and Randy Block and it was all I could do to keep you guys in my sights I was worn out by the first 2 hours. Monte also torched his front wheel bearings I have never seen a front axle just riding inside the wheel hub there was nothing left of it when he was done.
  15. Rock house is a little bigger than BM but not by much and the single track is not as good in my opinion. But in saying that I just downloaded their newest trail map and it looks like Rock House has also put in some new single track so who knows. The last time we road BM Bill took us the point where the 40 mile connector trail to Rock House was started and we road some great outlaw trails the trails are endless and if you know your way around you could ride all weekend and never hit the Hatfield & McCoy main trail system.