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    Pics of your CRF250R (just pics, no questions pls)

    Since I sold my old cr125 ´00 some time ago I´ve been saving money in order to get this beauty. This shoot was taken just before my first ride with her. Not so many mods, just One back plate stickers and and one tranparent protective film for airbox and shrouds and DID chain. Hope you like it.
  2. mccrash59

    Lets see your pitbikes!!

    That´s my ride, cant wait this season races.... http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/7682/mccrashride0zc.jpg
  3. Hi Guys! I´m getting a ´02 wr250 almost unnused. I saw in this forum there´re free mods which are explained on thumperfaq. I´m not able to reach this page and I´m very interested on this mods. Any other way to get´em??? That´s a pic of the bike. The seller told me it´s about 600 miles. What do you think?? Thanks a lot.
  4. mccrash59

    What´s up with thumperfaq???

    No way!!!! I tried to use the "command" but my software is not able to use MSDOS aplications (error showed while opened).
  5. mccrash59

    best looking wr

    I agree, I´m looking forward to get one fo those kits... (´02 year)
  6. mccrash59

    What´s up with thumperfaq???

    osdknfowsuiehtkwnsmbdfovsuihdt LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I don´t know what da hell are you talking about guys! I just know how to hit the key board, and I can´t do it if I´m watching at the screen Anyway, thanks a lot.