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  1. fly11269

    2003 xr80???

    Upon further inspection of the carb, the slow jet was twisted off in the carb. I could not get it out so I ordered a new carb. Hope this is why it won't start.... Thanks, steven
  2. fly11269

    2003 xr80???

    splice the wires together or need a new switch?
  3. fly11269

    2003 xr80???

    Ok....I've changed the gas, plug (got spark), oil and cleaned the carb...still won't start. I just noticed that this thing needs a key to start it! Don't have a key for it! Can I bypass this by splicing the two wires together or do I have to buy a new key switch?
  4. fly11269

    2003 xr80???

    Thanks for the replies. I know carbs, had a kdx200 and my son had a kx65 I was always cleaning or messing with the jetting on them. I just found it odd that I cound not move the bike with the clutch pulled and in gear. I'm going to work on getting it started and see what happens after that. Thanks again
  5. fly11269

    2003 xr80???

    I was just given a 2003 xr80r for my 12yr old son. It has been sitting up for 3 years. It won't start and if you pull the clutch lever while in gear it won't release the gears. Anyway I'm going to change the oil, plug, air filter and clean the carb and see if I can get it started. How hard is it to change the clutch??
  6. fly11269

    2002 kdx200 carb?

    I just bought a 2002 kdx 200 for $1100.00 (what a deal!!! ) Anyway when I was at the seller house he could not get it started (tank was dry). So I took it home anyway. I put a gallon of fuel and started firts crank:applause: warmed it up and took it for a ride. Sweet bike!!! When I stopped I noticed that fuel was pouring from the hose off the bowl:excuseme:. Anyone know what might cause this and how to fix it? Thanks, Steven
  7. fly11269

    8 yr. old first bike?

    He is 4' tall and weighs 50 pounds. TTR50 of 90??? My buddies kids race and he told me to get a kx65. Do you guys think it's best to start of with a clutch? If he plans to race....