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  1. Husky Mel

    Beta 2015 RS owners, Please help

    The challenge the Beta RS's have is that they come stock with a 2 gallon tank. I have the 3 gallon tank on my 2015 RS 430 and it will go well past 100 miles on one tank of fuel. Haven't hit reserve yet running like that and the great thing about the 3 gallon tank is that it doesn't mess up the ergonomics of the bike. I sold my KTM EXC 350 due to EFI problems and I won't go back to and EFI bike.
  2. Husky Mel

    LED Turn Signal Question

    Lockhart Phillips (LP Racing) USA marker lights. Try Cycle Gear.
  3. Husky Mel

    TE250 Scotts Damper mount ? HELP ?

    This is what I did (use BRP) with a 2006 TE 450 and BRP was fantastic to deal with. The system work great!
  4. Husky Mel

    2006 TE 450 Oil Level

    As I posted this question in the forum, I also sent an email to Cagiva USA asking the same thing. Here is the official response: "The proper amount of oil for the 2007 TE 250 /450 /510 is 1.7 liters or 1.8 U.S. qts."
  5. Husky Mel

    2006 TE 450 Oil Level

    QUESTION What is the proper quantity of oil to add to the engine when an oil and filter replacement is performed? PROBLEM In the Owner’s Manual it states that the oil quantity for an oil change is 1.6 U.S. Quarts, and for an oil and filter change the oil quantity is 1.8 U.S. Quarts (page 42). The Owner’s Manual (page 98) also notes to check the oil level by removing the control screw in the engine case while the engine is warm and the motorcycle is upright and vertical. If 1.8 U.S. Quarts are added to the engine, once the old oil is drained and the filters cleaned or replaced, and the engine is run briefly and turned off to circulate the new oil, oil comes out of the control screw opening like the engine was overfilled. Approximately 0.4 U.S. Quarts are lost this way. Has Husqvarna formally responded to this issue anywhere?