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  1. Red_Rooster

    XRR Phx Emissions Testing

    I corrected my post, i meant i changed the idle jet from the 68S to a 62 with the screw 1/2 turn out. it failed with the 68 at 1 turn out....
  2. Red_Rooster

    XRR Phx Emissions Testing

    well, an update is due. I cleaned the carb, and put in a 62, and turned the fuel screw 1/2 turn out. i went to a local shop who had a sniffer, and they confirmed it would pass. When tested, it blew a .15. yes, a POINT ONE FIVE. When it failed, it failed with a 9.5. Went home, pulled the 62 out, and put the 68 back in. 2-1/4 turns out on the fuel screw, puts it right at home... I mounted the street plates yesterday....
  3. Red_Rooster

    DS Kit Twist

    What is the "Wire" part? ive never seen that before??
  4. Red_Rooster

    DS Kit Twist

    Hello, Longtime member here. I sold my 2001 XR a few years ago, and had sellers remorse almost immediately. I suffered through for several years. 2 weeks ago, i bought a pristine 2004 for a steal. It has the Hop up kit installed, upgraded springs, a stock stator and a tusk DS kit installed. Though, the Brakelight is wired off of the original wiring, and not the tusk kit. The tusk kit is just powering LED blinkers and Horn through a seperate, rechargeable battery. I would like to rewind the stator to a x2 type with possibly 6 poles for the light and 4 poles for AC. If I get a BD reg/rectifier, do you think its possible to wire the tusk kit directly off of the reg/rectifier and remove the little rechargeable? I dont care about, or need to have a headlight on while the engine is not running. Does BD still make the replacement glass lense and with 6 poles wound with 18gauge 32 wraps is it enough to power a 55w H4?Is there a better light option with this configuration? I plan on DSing this, and more light is always better. Any ideas here are welcome. Travis "RedRooster" Haynie Mesa, AZ
  5. Red_Rooster

    XRR Phx Emissions Testing

    I just bought my 2nd XRR. i sold my first one a few years ago for something different, and just bought this one on friday for a little DSing. Its a 2004 that has been uncorked. The bike already has a mirror, Brakelight and plate mount, so thought it would be easy to get plated. I went to emissions yesterday to get it tested so i could put regular MC plates on it. It failed. Way too rich on the idle circuit. The PO didnt have the original stock needle, jet, or intake boot. Any ideas on how to lean this out enough for the idle/2200rpm/idle test the emissions has me do? I know that i will have to do this every year to get it to pass, but its a small price to pay i guess... I dont remember what the stock needle, jet and idle jet parts are. Does anyone think that'd be enough to get it to pass?
  6. Red_Rooster

    05 PW50, Crashed - Need advice -

    Here is an Idea, once you drill out the 4 points on the bottom of the Fork Tube, Tap the holes. then use some Pointed end Allen Set Screws and some Red Loctite. The Pointed tips of the Set Screws will set into Groove of the Retaining Plate, much like the dimple does, but they can later on be removed to service the Fork...I need to Sevice my Sons PW, so I will try it...
  7. Ready for the desert... 2005 YZ250 as seen in the 2005 September issue of Dirtbike magazine. 3.2 clark tank, E-Line Carbon skidPlate and Pipe guard, cycra hand guards (not shown), Scotts Rear caliper carrier/guard, magura Bars, Applied Triple clamps, Scotts Dampener, 18 inch rear wheel, PowerNow on both sides of the carb, FMF ST Pipe, FMF TC2 Silencer/SA, Noleen suspenders, and various Zip-Ty pieces.