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  1. jimi-neutron

    ok all you 08 owners...

    TeamGreen- I mean no disrespect, but I'm nervous as hell to buy the klx. I race WORCS and AMA Hare N Hounds, would absolutely LOVE to have an e-start, but still planning on buying the kx. Am I under the wrong impression? The klx looks like a beast. How are you certain the klx is the bike of choice? It looks like Abbott is going to ride one, but I don't have an unlimited parts budget. My mechanic is stoked to start tearing the klx apart to put in the kx cams to get the bike race ready. Is it really necessary? I just don't want to buy the klx for the e-start and regret it because the rest of the package is a turd.
  2. jimi-neutron

    Heavier flywheel for '07 kx450?

    Just wondering, do the same weights fit in the 2008?
  3. jimi-neutron

    Time for 06 suspension work.....15hrs

    What about the new G2R gold valves from RACE TECH?
  4. jimi-neutron

    power now and power now plus

    Any one know it the power now from an 05 will work in my 06?
  5. jimi-neutron

    icat ignition well worth the money

    I like my Icat. Got a pretty good hook up on it...100. Works great. Interesting about the Vortex ignition. Would like to try one.
  6. jimi-neutron

    Gear Ratios

    The Renthal web page has a complete gear ratio chart. Great to reference. Very convenient once printed out.
  7. jimi-neutron

    Best YZ250 exhaust systems

    I ride an 05 yz250 with a zip ty. It is, with out any doubt, the best pipe I have ever used. It comes coated to help with heat transfer and has held up great against rocks. Almost an intire season without a rock ding. Compared to the FMF fatty and the procircuit, of which I have used both on my 05 yz250, the power is more smooth and tractable. The zipty systems were designed by FLOW designs. Flow used to make the Noleen systems about 6-7 years ago. They ripped back then and are even nicer now. Highly recommended.
  8. jimi-neutron

    Cracked Rear Fender

    My very first ride I got a chip on the very tip. Since, I've gotten three more. The rear fender looks like crap and just seems to be fading away. Acerbis has a replacement one, rockymountainmc.com has them in stock.
  9. jimi-neutron

    Who makes those purple coolant hoses?

    Anybody have any idea who supplies the colored coolant hoses? Langstons 250f has purple ones and some dude in a thread talking about his new grafix had green ones.
  10. jimi-neutron

    First fork seal replacement

    Anybody else noticed their fork seals starting to weep a little? The last couple of rides I noticed an extremely minor weep. Rode yesterday and it has turned into a drizzle. So hear goes the first seal job for the green giant.
  11. jimi-neutron

    Valve Tap?

    My valves were tapping when the motor got really hot....as they are expected to when the motor is going to explode and overheat. I checked to insure my valves were within spec, they are. I started running a fully synthetic oil, havn't heard a tap yet. Totally quiet. I just raced a 2 hour GP this last weekend in Taft CA., bike ran perfect, no tapping, checked the valves, exactly same specs as before.
  12. jimi-neutron

    Rim Sizes...

    Who can I get a 2.25x18 from?
  13. jimi-neutron

    rear tire replacement?

    The Carlsbad comes in two options, standard and "sticky". The sticky is a couple of more bucks, is it worth it?
  14. jimi-neutron

    Do I need a new front sprocket if....

    Front sprocket for a kx250 2 stroke will work too. The renthal is cut out on the inside so it fits just fine.
  15. jimi-neutron

    KX450F Trail setup

    13-49 has worked pretty good for a lot of moto stuff so far. I went to a 13-48 for higher speed off-road stuff, really mellowed out the punch for a more comfortable ride. Next try for me will be a 14-51. almost has the same overall ratio as the 13-48 but keeps the chain off of the swingarm and slider. The almighty motor has more than enough power to pull it through tight stuff.