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  1. Have searched and found people seem to like both. Few posts people say the Promoto Billet is nicer, but a bit more money. Nobody really says why it is nicer. So what is nicer about the Promoto Billet kickstand over the Trailtech kickstand? Tucks up better? No spring on the out side?
  2. Will works connection radiator braces work with the IMS 2.7 gal tank on an 04crf 250r? I've seen posts that say no for the Clarke 3 gal tank, but have not found an answer on the IMS. I am assuming no for both as they both extend over the frame rails.
  3. Carey322

    Switching from Dirt to Supermoto

    Thanks for the replies. I've decided to give it a go with one bike for now. Can't wait to give the 450 a try on the asphalt.
  4. I've just started riding in the dirt after road racing for a little while and want to do some supermoto. My question is how different is suspension and bike set up from one to the other. My dirt bike is a RMZ 450. I may have a line on a 04 CRF 450 that I could turn into a supermoto. Is it to much to expect the bike to do double duty? Thanks, Carey
  5. Carey322

    minimum valve clearance??

    Is this a common thing with all of the Suzuki's, I think I found two other posts stating the same thing? I just bought a left over 05 and the intake valves were tight before I even broke it in, the exhaust valves were in spec. The valves stayed exactly the same after break in.
  6. Carey322

    CRF250R Pipe Change

    Thanks for the info.
  7. I bought a used '04 CRF 250R that had a FMF Factory 4 slip on. The bike ran and started great, but was way to loud to ride trails. I just switched to a White Bros. E2. The bike is harder to start and the low end isn't as strong. The bike still runs good up top. After searching through the forum it sounds like I should start by dropping the needle to lean it out a bit? Does this sound like a good place to start, or any suggestions? Also the valves have stayed in spec so I don't think this is the starting issue, I checked them after the last ride. Thanks