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  1. bbly

    wednesday ride

    Yeah, pretty cold, but a good ride. Thanks for Driving.
  2. bbly

    Broken in KDX

    She has sat on one, it might need to be lowered a little, but KoubaLink makes three different height links for it. How do you like starting it after having the button on the ttr? Thanks for the input.
  3. bbly

    Broken in KDX

    Hey NEPArider2, How do you like the KDX 200? I am thinking about getting one for my wife. She has a CRF230, so very similar to your TTR-230. Is the suspension on the KDX really better? How is the low end on the KDX? She likes the low end of the 230, but would like a little better bike, in terms of suspension and overall power, and obviously lighter weight. However I want to steer clear of the peaky power curve associated with a 125 two stoke. Your thoughts? Thanks.
  4. bbly

    top speed

    My 250X will hit 73 on pavement. Trail Tech Computer, Stock gearing, Dr.D Exhaust, CCC Mods, Maxxis 110/100-18 Rear tire.
  5. I have an 05 CRF250X with a DR. D pipe, Air box cut per CCC mods, 152 Main, 42 Pilot, Kouba Fuel Screw, CCC Needle with clip in 4th position, 55 Leak. Ride at 3000 ft. Bike runs great, but is a pain to start when cold. It start fine when warm with hot start lever. I cranked it till the battery was almost dead yesterday. I have tried the fuel screw at 2, 2.25 and 2.5 turns out. BURNED, what do you think? Also, should I disconnect the pink wire with these mods? Thank you in advance.