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  1. DuckTape

    DR.D vs MRD

    I know you don’t want me to answer since I haven’t owned the DrD and you’re comparing strictly performance. But, in response to the quality, I have White Brother’s Carbon Pro on my 250f and the fit and finish on the MRD on my 450f is very close to the WB in my opinion.
  2. DuckTape

    SDG seat 07 450?

    I’ve had the original SDG seat before and the tall seat. Loved them both. All of them had a wrinkle or two but not really noticeable after they break in. BUT I just bought and returned the step seat for my new 450. The cover had a ton of wrinkles & it didn’t touch the foam from the seat to the top of the step. Really disappointed and not sure if that’s just how it is or I got a really bad one.
  3. DuckTape

    aftermarket suspention

    Well, here’s another vote for ENZO… You will not be disappointed. I used them for my 06 250f and 07 450f. Love their work and they have fantastic customer service!
  4. DuckTape

    powder coating

    swatdoc, that is a fantastic looking bike!
  5. DuckTape

    Fair price for New 08' YZ450F

    I could not agree more with the recommendation of Culpeper Cycle Center. I buy all of my bikes from Charlie Lacy (5 in the last 3 years). Gave me a great deal on each one of them and he is a pleasure to work with. I bypass another Yamaha dealer on my way. Heck, he’s even delivered a few of them right to my doorstep. Best price around, great service and a true motorcycle enthusiast!
  6. DuckTape

    Post pics of your "White" 2008

    Hey 917rider, how do you like the sdg step seat? Still waiting for mine... been on back order forever.
  7. DuckTape

    Post pics of your "White" 2008

    Not an 08 but a new 07. Just finished setting it up and breaking it in. Racing her for the first time Sunday. Can’t wait. Enzo w/Sub Tanks MRD Exhaust 24mm clamps Michelin MS3 Front tire Pro Circuit Wide foot pegs & Axle Blocks SDG Step Seat - not on yet Fuel Screw Carbon Glide Plate
  8. DuckTape

    post pics of your white 06-09 450s!

    Thanks Slinky! That’s a Yam of Troy graphics kit w/North County Yam shrouds, bought both off of ebay. As for the pipe, my last pipe on my 250f was a WB carbon pro and I think the fit a finish is very close on this and I really like the smaller silencer. I can’t compare the power to the stock 450 because I never rode it stock but the bike sounds and runs very strong. I’m more than pleased with it and would definitely buy it again.