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    Bike cuts off when I put it in gear (CR250)

    all 2 strokes i've ridden do this, actually i'm not really sure if they die completely or jus bog right down, i've never let them die... its just habbit for me when i get on a 2 stroke now to givs the throttle little blips while in gear with clutch in and not goin anywhere.
  2. nah it woulda been hotter i'd say... the engine overheated too i'm pretty sure, due to the smoke coming from the pipe even when the bike wasn't running
  3. shit, that'd be it ay... thanks for that! So piston/rings/rebore?
  4. Yes compression still seems fine... i'm assuming this would mean it wont be too bad to fix on the pocket? Is it worth doing it myself or is it better just to pay somebody? I'll need a torque wrench which i dont have I'd like to know what caused it though, and exactly what the problem could be, if anyone could tell me by the info i've given. I'll drain the oil as soon as i get a new bottle
  5. I've got a kx125, hadn't been ridden for about 7 weeks, started her up today as i was taking her out of my suburb and a few km away to somewhere with alot of bush tracks. Warmed her up for a couple of minutes as she hadn't been run for so long and took it up and down the street not hammering it at all to make sure everythin was ok. Started out heading up the road, noticed she was blowing alot more smoke than usual, i figured it was just because it hadn't been run for so long. I stopped by a friends house, then left pretty well straight away, i got another 2km away and was going up a hill, i downshifted from 5th to 4th (didn't over-rev as far i could tell, i just wanted to stay in powerband) was going roughly 80km/h and all of a sudden (about 2secs after i downshifted the back wheel just locked up and slid for a good 10M or so, and then is freed up and started turning the motor over again but it didn't start. Engine hasn't run since, the radiator cap felt hotter than usual and i can still kick the engine over. The engine must have seixed as some stage for the back wheel to lock up but maybe the force of the wheel unseized it. when it cooled a couple of degrees as the bike was sliding. When the bike was just sitting there there was drizzle of smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, which i know isn't normal and it smelt strange. It was doing this for a good 10-15minutes I know tsomehtings mega ****ed up here, but does anyone know what it is? and how much its gonna cost me? I'm trying to sell this bike so i need it fixed without to much cost! But the main thing is i'd love to know the problem and what it needs Cheers Chris