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  1. Lurch42

    Trail riding in Mi. , Where to ride??

    You will be just a stone's throw from Baja Acres, too. East of Birch Run. Might have a practice day when you are there...if you like mx tracks.
  2. Lurch42

    Trail Map Feedback

    Wow. Yes, I like those maps. Don't need the elevation numbers, lines are fine. By looking at that map, I can tell that the north end of the Geels loop climbs and descends a big hill. Awesome. TWP grid looks good, but could be done in a lighter (gray) or something to make it fall back a bit. Instead of the triangles, I prefer different types of dashes/dots. The triangles hanging off the side of the trail detracts from the detail in my opinion. I agree that if printing on b/w, the topo lines could be too much. I would make a point to print these in color. Great work! Oh yeah, I'd prefer an 8.5X11 map. More universal for printers, too. Thanks a bunch. Eric
  3. Lurch42

    Trail Map Feedback

    OOooohh.. Now I see it! Get rid of the dark blue/different soil types, keep the elevation/topo lines, add a faint twp grid, and use the trail legend from your first example, and I'd love it!!! Either way, they are nice maps. Thanks again. Eric
  4. Lurch42

    Trail Map Feedback

    Yeah I can't get that last one to come up, but that's okay. I always liked the DNR maps because they keep the township grid on them. Each square is a mile. Easy to approximate how far it is from point A to point B by counting grids and obviously adding some for twisty trail. I would try to add in the grid, even if really faint on the map. Other than that, I like your first example better than the second. As long as I have a color printer...which I do. DNR's map is easiest to read with a b/w printer. The MCCCT/ORVT on yours would get muddled. Maybe we just assume that everyone has access to color and don't worry about it. I much prefer your map for overall readability...the different emphasis on the roads/trails/streams make it much easier to read. Just add a faint grid on there and I'd be sold. Thanks for the hard work! Eric
  5. Lurch42

    All Michigan Riders Important

    Here ya go. http://house.michigan.gov/find_a_rep.asp
  6. Lurch42

    Baldwin 11/4 or 11/5

    As I was kneeling in the sand working on the chain I said, "Oh. It's gonna be one of THOSE trail rides."
  7. Lurch42

    Scott, Smith, or Oakley goggles

    So that would mean you could give us a long term update on your experience with the Oakleys...eh? FWIW...I only tried Scotts and Oakleys cuz that's all that were at the stealer when I stopped by for fresh gogs, but I couldn't find a Scott model that fit around my nose without restricting my breathing. The Oaks just fit my melon better and let me breathe better. Breathing is kinda important to me.
  8. Lurch42

    Baldwin 11/4 or 11/5

    Last minute I asked Aklain if my pop could tag along. He just bought a used Raptor 660 after selling his rally car...been 15 years off a quad or bike, but I'm glad to see him get back into it at 66 years young. Condensed story...Raptor started hard. Then I threw a chain/broken master link on my KTM. Aklain ran to Peacock just before closing to get me a master. Frickin' sideplates pressed so hard on master that it took forever...and we actually were pushing one of the pins OUT of the other side of the master! Finally get on trail and Aklain had a close encounter with a monstrous tractor of an ATV and a resulting digger on the Little O. Got his front end straightened out a bit with our available tools. He was hurtin' a bit. Got back on it east of M37...Pop taking the routes and us taking the trail/mcct. Got up to Lincoln Hills and Pop nearly ran out of gas...(don't ask). Made it to Carrieville, but not before I took 3 diggers and couldn't figure out why. Oops. Fresh tires...never bled them down. 18psi is far too much! Once I bled the tires down we had an enjoyable ride. Only went 40some miles, part on the wide and part on the narrow, but somehow through it all we managed to have a pretty good time. Beautiful weather.
  9. Lurch42

    Baldwin 11/4 or 11/5

    Thanks again, Aklain. Hopefully we'll have a bit less "drama" next time. Eric
  10. Lurch42

    Baldwin 11/4 or 11/5

    Tentatively, yes. I'd be coming from south of Holland. I'll pm you my cell number and we'll stay in radio contact, k? Eric
  11. Lurch42

    Mi - Lincoln Hills

    That campground is very nice, and has ride in/ride out priveleges. For best ride (imo), (if not road licensed) take the ORV Route NW from the campground up the NE edge of the Little Manistee loop just to burn the miles to get to the Lincoln Hills loop. Then do the whole Lincoln Hills loop on the single track. Very nice trail. If road licensed, just take Twin Creek Rd. north and pick up the trail going east @ 9 mile. Print these and take with you. http://www.fishweb.com/maps/lake/orv/graphics/linconhills.gif http://www.dnr.state.mi.us/spatialdatalibrary/pdf_maps/trail_maps/orv/littlema.pdf
  12. Lurch42

    Hydraulic brake switch??

  13. Lurch42

    Riding in Western Michigan

    Here ya go. http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,1607,7-153-10365_15070-38330--,00.html
  14. Actually, Michigan is quite a hotbed of rally activity, albeit mostly northern MI. Check here for the next one www.sno-drift.org or here www.lsprorally.com Many of the (car) competitors live in southern MI, tho, including myself (www.burmeisterrallysport.com) As far as fuel is concerned, the rallies already have "service stops" every 3 stages or so to fix damage, refuel, and change tires. Different sanctioning bodies require different range of fuel...used to be 60 miles...might be up to 100 now. Could be changed for the bikes, though.
  15. Wilson is highly involved with the NASA organization. www.nasarallysport.com