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  1. Can you host the replacement live on FB or You Tube... Sounds like more fun then I am having..
  2. I just followed the harness from the switch to the connector and used a test light to verify which wire got power with the switch on.
  3. Year of the bike and kit manufacture.. I plugged into "on" side of the switch.
  4. Zero Drawbacks... I have a WR450 and WR250 plated.. Had a DRZ, sold it to buy the 250..
  5. Welcome, no cookies, but lots of cool rides...
  6. As a former DPSM, Warranty Supervisor, and Parts Specialist at (Insert Asian manufacture here), I can back up William1's statements 100 percent.. What does your R.O. say at the dealer, if you signed for or approved a $1500 estimate, (Even if the dealer told you, wink-wink, I will get Yamaha to pay for it) and the bill is, (depends on the state, some include Tax in the estimate, some do not) under that estimate, YOU PAY... Sorry,,,
  7. Sold my '07 DRZ-400 for a '07 WR250F, The WR seems faster, and easier to ride!!
  8. On the light side of the connector has 3 wires, the harness side has only 2 wires, Add your brake light feed wire to the harness side of the connector and Boom, brake lights...
  9. No fans for 2011 and earlier WR's..
  10. Thanks Bill and Kenny.
  11. What year forks swap over with the least trouble??
  12. Friends wife rides a lowered 250X, She hopped on my '07 WR250F and said it felt lower to her than her 250X. Scary part, my 450, which is all stock, sits lower than my 250, which I bought used and the kid said the suspension was stock..
  13. I use the Ryco mount on both of my bikes. Mounts under the stock light with longer screws. He ships it with a flimsy rubber plate holder, which my bike ate up and spit out. I now use the a plate holder from Rocky Mountain, and no more problems.
  14. I went Tusk and Ryco on my 250, Simple and if it eats a harness, 30 bucks and I got a new one. I use the Ryco plate adapter, BD key and a Super bright LED for lic plate light. Super easy and works great. On my 450, it's modified Ryco kit and I may swap in a Tusk harness to clean it all up.. The Ryco kit is great for the barely legal kit, but would not pass mustard in a California test, so I messed with it to make it work. After doing 3 D/S kits, I got it down and I can make them factory like!!
  15. My 3 babies, '07 WR450F (AKA The Leg Breaker), '07 WR250F, and my '05 Super Model Daughter (on the 250)