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  1. I put a 7.0 rear sping and raised the oil in the front seams ok for now .As far as the whoops its great, jumping big stuff is kinda hairy it will just take a little getting used to.Its still just a mini! all in all its a lot of fun to ride ,the more you ride it the faster you get on it . I can go a lot faster on my 250f but its not as fun, and at my age its all about fun crashing sucks!!!
  2. Come on out to elsinore sat and I will beat ya on a 1971 sl70!!
  3. I'm 5 9 185 . I will be a Elsinore on sat your welcome to come out and try it.I think it would work great for your size ,the bike has plenty of power to race 250 or 450s.thanks Chris
  4. Well raced it today man did it rip. I got a third place start against 250 and 450s . This bike is very easy to go fast on ,does run kind of like a two stoke but more like a 125 than an 85. I could not be happier.To those of you who don't get one your missing out ,I have had just about every mini out there this is by far the best I have ridden.
  5. 40 inter at glen helen cant wait .My son rode today a competitive edge said he did every jump but one ,he rides 250 pro . I will let you guys know what I think tomorrow.
  6. Im racing it tomorrow I will give ya a real report !!!
  7. I got mine and love it ! Sounds awesome and rips ,racing it this weekend .
  8. I got mine and love it ! Sounds awesome and rips ,racing it this weekend .
  9. I got mine and love it ! Sounds awesome and rips ,racing it this weekend .
  10. I have a extra one not chrome.Just the rear part you can use the stock head pipe.Not sure if I want to sell!
  11. What one I have 4 of them!
  12. They are works shocks built for the bike. $350
  13. Hey That Really Sucks ,i Pitted Right Behind You Guys .i Had The Vintage Bikes! I Kept Mine Locked Up Just For That Reason Someone Looking For A Freebie, Good Luck Getting It Back.
  14. I will be there on my vintage bikes !!Cant wait,got some trick bikes this year !!!!
  15. That was me out there getting beat on that xr It was fun until the little get off Im still black and blue from It hope you liked the show!