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  1. Check to see if you liost your Mixture screw. Happened to me in a race and I thought I blew the damn motor up.
  2. Tried that, didnt work...I took a drill to the piston and have been taking it out in small chunks. Gonna try a bridgeport and an end mill next. If I can get the piston out without damage to the caliper I'm golden. But thats a long shot at best now.
  3. Picked up a 1983 XR 500 in pretty much perfect shape (rusty chain not withstanding) but the front brake caliper has a stuck piston and ust will not budge. So, Anyone know what front caliper years will fit my bike? Thanks!
  4. I cracked my right side radiator last weekend at a race and now it starts to leak the weekend before a big race Labor day weekend! I need to know what years will fit as I am scrounging for a radiator ASAP! Also will JB weld hold under the pressure of the system if I have to go that way? Anybody got one? Thanks for the info!
  5. I cant find the plug that has been for sale on this site before. Now that I have done the cam swap out I'd like to plug off that hole in the head where the compression release is. Anyone know where I can find that piece? Thanks! Dustykat
  6. Thanks Birdy. I already have a Powernow installed and did the accelerator pump mod. I bought the bike used so the original owner may have gone up a tooth on the front sprocket already, I'll have to check vs. stock in the manual. I have the white brothers exhaust (Both long and short cans) so I will test on both. I have been thinking on getting one of the quieter pipes though, this baby barks pretty loud.
  7. I just got my cylinder back from Bear Boring with the 444 kit parts. New piston, gaskets and the like. Once I get this all back together, do any of you out there that have done this conversion have any jetting suggestions right off the bat? I am pretty much at sea level (San jose, California) I will also be installing a set of the Hot Cams in this set up. Any suggestions will be apreciated. Thanks! Dustykat
  8. Ok, so I lost the base gasket on my 2001 YZ426 and it's time for a top end. I have it all apart and need a suggestion on who to send the cylinder to that will do a good job on fitting up a new piston. Anyone got a favorite shop? Thanks Dustykat
  9. Dustykat

    2002 Yzf426 fouling plugs like nuts

    I did the BK mod, set the timing correctly and I've been on the same plug for the whole of the 2006 racing season. They will last if you warm up the bike and do the carb mod. Before I did it I'd flood the bike just thinking of touching the throttle.
  10. Ok guys, sounds good. But what size should I look for? Also where did you buy your Helicoil sets? Thanks!
  11. So, it finaly happened. The oil drain bolt in my YZ 426 pulled it's threads out of the case. I knew it was coming as the guy I bought the bike off of told me they were "kinda loose" what ever that ment. But anyway, what is the prevaling opinion on using a replacement thread kit in this area. I know the little prong off the thread coil will be importaint to find but will the threads hold well enough to do this or am I stuck with buying a case half? Thanks
  12. So, I'm racing all year and my rear brake feels a little funny. Upon further inspection I find that the white nylon resevour has "buldged" and is now leaking fluid out the cap seal. The only thing I can find that would cause it to do that would be excessive heat from the exhaust which is less than 4 inches from it. I'm sure this would be a result of heat over time. Has anyone else seen this problem and if so, what was done to fix it. I was thinking of just getting a late model aluminum resevour but with the way the exhaust kicks outside the frame and above the location of the resevour mount I dont think that will work. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. Dustykat

    Who here works in the industry?

    I work in R&D for Custom Chrome, making all those parts you see on Orange County Choppers and the like. I'm also a part time motorcycle salesman at a local 4 line dealer to support my motocross racing habit. I'm also a graduate of Motorcycle Mechanics Institue (1996) and worked at two Harley dealerships before I was hired here at CC. I worked Parts counter and as a line mechanic.