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  1. I think Ride did an install how to but I cant find it. Anyone have a link to it! Thanks!
  2. Anybody able to shoot me the length of the 90s era conventional RM 80 forks. I need from the top cap to the axle center, and close is good enough. Don't need an exact number. Thanks!
  3. I'll revisit this later. I just realized my air screw was turned all the way in, LOL.
  4. I picked up this all original, 5-7 hours maybe ridden 99 WR125. Bone stock. I rode it yesterday. 70f, just above sea level, MX track. It has a bog down low, lights off to a great mid/top. The plug is chocolate brown on the electrode/center. Half way out the arm is black/oily as is everything outward of that. The bike has a fresh repack and I cleaned out the spooge in the expansion chamber. It is bleeding black spooge from the pipe junction and tailpipe. Severely. So, I took a look in the carb, a Mikuni TMX. It has a 400 main, 35 pilot and the needle is in the middle slot. I'm thinking I need a smaller pilot. To complicate things slightly, I scored a Pro Cuircuit full exhaust, though I deleted the sparky inthe stock WR silencer pre ride, so it wasn't choked by that. I'm running the same premix all our KTMs run, 44:1. They run clean as a whistle. Any advice appreciated.
  5. jjm525

    New Old 1999 WR125

    I had seen that one too, but I think it would be a true act of hate to even give a salt water bathed bike to someone, let alone to pay for it! Better off to spend a lil bit more and not have to replace just about everything IMO. I don't think I could ever trust the frame or swingarm on a salty submerged bike.
  6. jjm525

    New Old 1999 WR125

    Got lucky and picked up an all original 99 WR125, tires, drive, everything, looks to have never seen dirt either, the slightest spot of paint is worn from one frame tube, the front tire is cracking from age but would be at about 95% if not for that. So, I'm about 200 lbs., already know the front forks and shock are too soft for my intended use at the MX track and scrambles races. The shock bottoming bumper is rotted away but the shock looks like new! I got a pair of 99 CR250 forks cheap that I think will be a decent starting point, and hope someone knows if a later year shock off any other Huskys (or other) will bolt in? Did axle sizes change in 2000? The wheels are like new too, but I may want to go to black rims at some point and build it as a retro/mod racer. I love the old plastics, no source for NOS pieces, huh? I've got to find a state titled frame to ride it in NJ enduros too. On my wish list! LOL!
  7. jjm525

    WaldenMX OP 3-31-12!

    Cancelled due to SNOW AND RAIN!!!! As much as we hate to do it, with some snow, yes i said snow, and rain in the forcast for all night tonight and all during the day on Saturday, we are forced to postpone this Saturday's Open Practice.
  8. jjm525

    WaldenMX OP 3-31-12!

    We will be having more, no worries. You two will get your chance!
  9. jjm525

    NewYork WaldenMX OP 3-31-12!

    CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW AND RAIN!!!!!!!! Track has some new tweaks and looks great! Lets hope the warm and clear weather holds up, but don't let rain late in the week cause you any worries!!! It is dry as a bone up there and we can use it!
  10. jjm525

    MSC for 2012

    Shop around. Take a look at Xtreme MX Series http://www.xtrememxseries.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=74 and D-34 http://district34sportscommittee.com/ Be sure the series you join includes the tracks YOU want to race/ride!
  11. jjm525

    Walden - MSC

    Definetly stop by, I'm usually at the finish line flagging OPs, KTM #506.
  12. jjm525

    Walden - MSC

    Do it! Walden will still offer the best track in the area and the series we will host is better anyway. Compare them and see what you get for your $.
  13. jjm525

    Xtreme Winter Scrambles Series

    I'm told more info will be released after the first of the year. I'll post ASAP when I hear!
  14. jjm525

    Xtreme Winter Scrambles Series

    I hope to have alot more info soon!
  15. jjm525

    Xtreme Winter Scrambles Series

    You guys seem excited! You guys seem excited!