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    Intermittent Bogging

    I have a YZ250f 2005. I bought it from a dealer about two months back. I took my bike to the desert. <temp was 75 F> I was about 15-20 in into my ride when the bike sputtered and started bogging then stalled. The bike stared up after 3-5 min and 30 Kicks later. I rode for app 5 min more and the same thing happened.... I am able to get the bike fired back up. This seems to happen @ 35-45% throttle and is just bogs and dies. Also I am getting some backfiring while decelerating (4-5 pops.) I think its is normal though. Where should I start troubleshooting. I looked @ my air filter last week and it looked pretty good. Spark plug? Starving for fuel? Running 91 octane.