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  1. rwfz

    Flywheel weights

    Thanks guys, I think I will try a 9 or 10 oz unit.. Rwfz
  2. rwfz

    Jetting Update: 06' CR250

    If your plug was brand new and started showing some tan after just a few runs, your too rich...It should make better power with the smaller(leaner)jet.. I had my 03 down to a 380 and it was crazy power...Just have too watch the burn down.. Good luck
  3. rwfz

    Flywheel weights

    Anyone have experience with these?? Varner did the motor on my 03 CR250 a while back and it makes tons of power and much more torque than a stocker..Great for serious MX but i have been riding off road and want to change the power charactoristics..I just dont know what size to get..They come in 8-14 oz or so.. I dont want to rob too much power from the bike just tame it a bit for the woods....Im thinking 10 oz..? Any input will be appreciated
  4. rwfz

    06 yz250f pop, cuts out

    what linkage is that??
  5. rwfz

    stickey shifter

    Anyone else have any experience with this problem??? thanks
  6. rwfz

    stickey shifter

    Anybody know what may be causing my 03 CR250 to shift bad??alot of the time I have to try to shift 2 or 3 times just to get it up a gear..Its always at full speed when im racing(real pain inthe@ss!!)..Id like to put a longer shifter on it as it may help but something else must be wrong..What about the star mod?? I think you just grind the sharp points off the shift star? ... The oil is always clean and I believe the clutch is OK.. Any tips will be appreciated..
  7. anybody know what the specs are?? also I need the chart to get the right shims.. Thanks..
  8. rwfz

    CR500 hard to start

    leaned it over, watched some fuel come out of overflow tubes, started on the first kick... Thanks guys.
  9. rwfz

    CR500 hard to start

  10. rwfz

    CR500 hard to start

    A ny tricks or mods to make starting this thing easier? its a 94 cr500.. Thanks
  11. pilot jet may be partially clogged. My bike sat for the winter, I started it and it revved to the moon. I had to drop it in gear and dump the clutch to shut it down. The fuel in the bowl j elled clogging the pilot. good luck
  12. rwfz

    Bore or Stroke a CR250?

    I sent the cyl & head from my 03 cr 250 to varner after reading an article in a mag about a bike they modded(04 cr250). 400$ later i got it back together. I have to run 105-106 oc race fuel but boy is it worth it! I rode it back to back with an 04 crf450 and my bike is definetly stronger from the mid and up. It dosent have the low end grunt of the 450 but its way better than stock from off idle to the top.the track that I race on has a long uphill and I pull the big four stks all day long.I also bored the carb to just under 40mm. Its got Vforve reed cage and a twin air. These mods made me very happy . Ive thought about switching to the 450 but everytime I ride my 03 250 I smile ear to ear.