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  1. hardrock13

    NC Trails/Terrain - first ride

    I live in York SC and I would love to ride with you guys. I am taking off the first week in April. Enoree is where I spend most of my time. Man can you fly there. I like Brown Mtn. to. It is not that hard to me. My 10yr old son and I go up ther a good bit.It is the damn mud that kicks my ass. I have found the best way to ride the rocks is to haul ass. I put my ass on the rear fender and let it rip. Works great for me. Until next time.
  2. hardrock13

    Which bike for a newbie adult?

    I can twist the grip on my XR 250 and the bike will stand up in the air. It has plenty of power. I can keep up with any bike in the trails. Out in the open the bigger bikes will get me, but not in the woods. I own a CR 250 to and I ride the XR more. Riding in the yard a bike might fell fast, but when you get in the s**t you will wish for more power. Good luck.
  3. hardrock13

    04 xr250r

    I was changing the jets in my carb. I left the carb on the bike. Is there a trick to keep that white baffle in there when you put the bowl back on. Thanks.
  4. hardrock13

    did XR250's ever have 5 gears?

    I have a 04 xr 250r and it has 6 gears.
  5. hardrock13

    Brown Mtn 11/19?

    I was there this past Sunday. It was great to me. Just the way I like. The ruts were not bad at all. Took my 11 year old son for the first time. He only went down one time, and we rode just about everything. I was very proud of him.
  6. hardrock13

    Some help please.

    I have always been a trail rider. Well I toke my son down to the track to do some riding. They have some nice trails. My son dared my to go out on the motocross track. Well I did it. Was not has hard as I thought. I had a blast. I had two problems. The back tire wanted to kick up on some jumps. I adj. the rebound. That got rid of most of it, but when I sit on the bike and hit a jump the bike tire will kick up and damn near throw me off the bike. When I hit it standing on the pegs no problem. What would cause this. Plus the front end keep feeling like it was going to wash out in the corners. I never did hit the dirt, but I came close. No clue on how to fix this. I felt I could have went faster in the turns but the bike could not. What am I doing wrong. Thanks alot.
  7. hardrock13

    New 2004 XR250

    Here in NC the dealer has them for 2999.99. Pretty damn good deal. So I got one. They have two 04 cr250 for 3999.99. That is a good deal to.
  8. Ya I ride there to. Some pretty good trails.
  9. hardrock13

    Weird Spark Plug Problem....

    You will need to buy a cleaner and oil from your dealer. I use the spray on kind. Spray the cleaner. Let sit for 15 mins. Then clean with water. Do not twist it will tear. Then let it dry all the way. It takes awhile to dry. Then spray on the air cleaner oil until the hole filter is coverd. That is all there is to it. I keep a extra. Like I said it takes awhile to dry. Just go to your dealer and tell them you need air filter cleaner and oil.
  10. hardrock13

    Weird Spark Plug Problem....

    The air cleaner may look clean, but is not. I clean mine every other ride. You said you have 200 miles on your bike. I do not have that much on mine yet and I have cleaned the filter a few times. You sould not have to rejet a stock bike to keep from eating plugs.
  11. hardrock13

    good price for new 2004 xr250r

    I just paid $3000 for a new 04 xr250r.
  12. hardrock13

    Weird Spark Plug Problem....

    It sounds like you are running rich. When was the last time you cleaned your air cleaner. That is the first thing I would do. Was it running fine? The started fouling plugs? It lost air somewhere.
  13. hardrock13

    04 xr250r

    I have two questions. Is the mixture screw for air or fuel? Will turning it in make it richer or leaner? Next thing. When I am setting at idle not monving and hit the gas it will bog down . When I go nice and easy It does not do this. Plus when I am riding in 3rd gear then go to 4th it will sputter then take off. I am on it pretty hard. When I take it nice and easy it will not do this. It is a brand new bike. All stock. Thanks.
  14. hardrock13

    CRF80 or 70? Advice please

    My son is 10 to. I got him the 70. I am glad I did. It is not has slow as you would think. Yes he will get bored with it fast riding in a open area, but when I took him trail riding it was not as easy. When you have to put your feet down in a hurry and they do not reach he is going to crash. Then riding will be no fun for him. I wanted my son to have both feet on the ground so he can learn to ride and not just around the yard. Anybody can do that. Plus you can put a clutch in it for about $150. No amount of money is worth my son getting hurt.
  15. hardrock13

    04 xr 250r

    I put a hotter plug in it and it runs great. It is a tad rich. Plus I think I am asking to much out of it. I guess I was trying to compare it to my CR. I am starting to get the feel for it. It seems to want to ride in the low rpm range. Where my CR wants to ride in the high rpm range. It is a great bike. I just like 2 stroke bikes, but like I said I can not ride with my son with my CR. I hate the damn dealer to. Thanks.