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  1. same here i need help
  2. what is everyones max lift stats. I am 5'8'' and wiegh 170lbs. bench- 265 clean-315 sqaut-345
  3. damn never mind that was teh 05 pics, my bad, i cant read hahaha
  4. in the pics its runnin the single
  5. what happened to the dual exaust?
  6. I would suggest laying off the bench press for a while, and start doing dumbell press. This will help build different muscles in your chest, which will in return helpyour bench press. Also do rotator cuff things. If the tendons in your body are stronger, then you will be able to support more weight. Here are my personal stats 16 years old 5-8 170lbs 255 bench 335 squat 215 clean
  7. 4200 with the tradefor 02 cr80 expert, but you can get it for 5200 out the door, with out the trade
  8. a great full body workout (minus your chest), is hang cleans/power cleans. If you dont know how to do them, send me a PM and i will explain them. They work everything. Also i would squat and do some straight legg deadliffts, and a lot of core work. For me, i do one week heavy (5 sets for 6 reps), then the next week i iwll do 3-4 sets for 10-12 reps. This will ballance your work out
  9. I would not lift, or have a high intensity work out at night, because you will be wired and not be able to fall asleep for a while. I would jsut suggest working out after school, because if you work out in the mornings, you will most likely be beat wehn you get home.
  10. I lift weights heavily a lot, and dont get arm pump to bad. I agree though, it really helps to control the bike when you are in bad situations. I feel that the posotives outway the negative.