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  1. Well I've always favored the KXs. I still enjoy the V-Force but the KX250 is a blast. I guess I like the best of both worlds
  2. The 92/93 Kawasaki Service Manual states (52.8hp converted) at 8500rpm, 36.4lbs-ft of torque at 7500rpm! I was impressed with these #s. When I ride it I'm sure its pretty close as it pulls hard and I'm a heavier guy. It sometimes scares me, which is cool!
  3. Basically, I just got it and I'm gettin started ridin it. No racin for me yet, just using it on my buddies track at home. I got some extra parts with it when I bought it.
  4. I know if I get rid of my extra rear fender I'll end up needin it!
  5. Dennis Kirk lists a UFO rear MX fender for a KX125/250, 92-93, green for $29.99, #59-0145.