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  1. adamgil

    Gardner canyon

    went out there today. It was a pretty good time. couple of old mine shafts and some decent riding. bought a trail guide that gave good directions. here are a few pics.
  2. adamgil

    Gardner canyon

    anyone else have any info? thinking about going down there tomorrow to look around for a place to ride. anyone have any good directions to a trail?
  3. adamgil

    pro moto quiet insert

    I have one on my 06' WR. I got it to use for a while until I get a whole new exhaust all together. Sounds alot better and for the price it is well worth it.
  4. adamgil

    Arenacross Tucson

    Anyone go and check out the Xtreme World Arenacross this weekend in Tucson? It was pretty good. Some decent racing and a little bit of freestyle. had some quad races too. Just wondering if anyone else was there.
  5. adamgil

    yamaha banner

    haha! cool it's been about a week so I'll be watching for it. thanks.
  6. adamgil

    yamaha banner

    I just bought one too that came from argentina. How long after you bought it did it take before you got it?
  7. adamgil

    New WR250 questions.

    I just got an 06 not too long ago and mine came with the spoke and spark wrench and manuals. you might want to call the dealer and ask about it. save yourself the time and hassle and just get the yzf throttle stop. I got it online for like 13 bucks. good luck.
  8. you can check my garage pics to see the black ones I just put on.
  9. no, the ones I got didn't come with that option. I believe you have to order the numbers seperate.
  10. here check this out. http://www.motosport.com/product.jsp?path=-1|31989|41037|85600&id=285852 It's funny you asked that, mine just arrived from fedex like 30 min ago. I just got done putting them on my 06' wr. they look good and are of good quality. but it is a pita to put them on the side panels. too many damn air bubbles . other than that they are worth the price and got here in just a couple of days.
  11. adamgil

    WR250F Rear Fender

    skinhead......pm sent
  12. adamgil

    yzf throttle stop screw (pics)

    yeah it was the right one. just replaced it earlier this afternoon. thanks.
  13. adamgil

    yzf throttle stop screw (pics)

    yeah, I guess it is the right one I got. same part number and everything. I just wasn't expecting it to be so small. thanks.