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  1. rloceo

    '01 DRZ400E Will Not Start Sometimes???

    I had some similar problems after sitting up a while. I took the carb off apart and found the jets had trash in it from the old gas. Cleaned the carb, installed a jet kit (Factory Pro), added an exhaust system, and now it starts right off without using the choke. Randall
  2. rloceo

    DRZ400E 2001 - Rejet and Pipe = Idle Prob

    Eddie, I really appreciate the info. This is my first time with an off-road machine, and my first "Hare Scramble" event is next weekend. I am trying to get everything in order. This really helps. Thanks, Randall
  3. I am the original owner of a 2001 DRZ400E (Non-Cali) with less than 100 miles on the bike and just did the below mods. The jet kit came from Factory Pro. - Jardine Full Exhaust and Pipe - Pilot Jet #48 - Jet Needle - 1070x-74mm3-ti @ #4 Pos - Main Jet #145 - Main Air Jet #180 - Full Level 10mm+/-1mm - Fuel Screw 3.5 turns out - Removed the Coasting Enricher - Snorkel is removed - Ride at sea level (Southeast Texas) The problem I am having is the bike will not maintain an idle even with the idle screw turned all the way up. I did put the Coasting Enricher back on the bike and it will now maintain an idle (idle adjustment about middle). It was my understanding by rejetting the carb I would be able to remove the Coasting Enricher. Did I do something wrong with my jetting combo? Any input? Thanks, Randall