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    81 XL500 track record?

    Thanks for the replies. Bought the bike for five bills, appears to have alot of life left in her and tons of torque. Still has original tires with little wear I can see but still needs cosmetic work. The kid has another one in better shape for $700, may have to buy it too(!?) or if anyone needs one it's on Wichita, KS craigslist a few days ago. You all have a good week.
  2. Hello, been a while since I've visited here but recently looking at a 81 XL500 for my project fat wheel bike and thought I would ask for experience and/or opinions on the bike in general. Mainly interested in trouble spots and reliability issues. The price is right so will probably buy it anyway but just thought I would ask around. Thanks in advance and all have a good weekend. Ed J. in KS
  3. That's the Idea!....I like what he did with the front forks. I'm facing that same problem as the 200x forks are not long enough for any kind of ground clearance. I was going to move the steering neck down but that brings in all kinds of problems fitting stock components on a modified frame. Also alot more work and hassle as well as chances for fabricating mistakes...like that never happens. I'll try to leave a link to what I've got put together already. Thanks again for the input. http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c206/kutzor/p1070161.jpg
  4. Cool...that ought to be a nice bike when you get it finished XL350. Thanks again for everyones imput. I'm going to buy new valves for the XR head and go from there.I keep thinking of all the stress on the old valves if I did straighten them.I don't think I would trust them the more I think about it This is a long term project and have to buy parts when I can and work on it when time allows. Probably like the rest of you guys. Did get the 200x frontend mounted and Yamaha Big Wheel rear end bolted up to get an Idea of what I need to do yet. It looks cool but I've got a long way to go.....Thanks again everyone and I'll check in now and then to update if anyones interested. Later
  5. M715

    KX500 mods

    Hey that decompression mod....What's involved....do you machine the combustion chamber a little bigger?....will that work for a old 80 KX420? I got the bike real cheap and don't need the high compression for the mild trail riding I have in mind. Thanks for any info. M715
  6. Thanks for the input everyone. I think I'll try staightening the valves, I have a lathe and dial indicators. Seems like the cam chain tenshioner will be something to keep an eye on when I get the bike up and running, I always like to tinker with things anyway. Found a wholesale parts outlet link so will give them a call for prices on valves if I can't straighten what I have, will need a gasket set anyway. My project is to build a Big Wheel like Yamaha made in the 80's, already got a rear swngarm assy and 200x frontend. Like I said I like to tinker and build stuff and have been collecting pieces for this project for a few years. thanks again and thanks for the great forums here. Merry Chrismas to everyone or Happy whatever other Holiday you are cellabrating. M715
  7. Hello everyone I'm new here but like your site already. I have a fairly nice for it's age 84 XR350R that was parked because of bent valves(I think?) The bore and piston are in good shape and rest of head assy. looks OK also. so far prices of replacement valves have been kinda scarry for my budget so I was wondering if it's worth fixing or parting out on ebay? Also a buddy said an older two valve XL350 head would interchange but this sounds way to good to be true, as I have a good 74 XL350 head available. Anyway I figured you guys know a hell of alot more than I could find out in a couple years so any advice or info would be appreciated.Oh, I did do a search of the sight under "XR350R" and didn't find much info to help. Thanks for your time,