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  1. 610guy

    Who makes carbon fiber for Huskies?

    Its been tough to locate for me (for my 610). So I decided to start making my own. Way cheaper than buying it, just takes a lott of parts before you can get the surface weave oriented correctly and free of air bubbles. So far, of the 3 parts I've made, I've managed parts as rigid or more than stock with a 50-70% reduction in weight over the stock plastic. I've been just pulling fiberglass molds off the stock parts, laying in CF and vaccum bagging them. I've started with small simple parts and am moving my way up. Screwed up small parts cost less. So far I've made a rear brake cylinder guard and fork guards. Next will likely be the mud flap, airbox, side pannels, fenders, head light bezel, seat pan etc. Its time consuming but fun and not all that expencive. I've been getting carbon and carbon kevelar 2x2 twill for around $30 a yard and epoxy around $25 a quart. I'll post some pics later.
  2. 610guy

    Husky Billet Triple Clamp???

    looky what I found on ebay! I found in in Austria. It was listed for the 450/510 but the dims are the same as my 610 so it'll work. As a bonus its 200mm ctr to ctr on the fork spacing which is 5mm wider than my stock. I'll have to machine up a wider axle but that'll give me an excuse to do one in TI. Only other place I've seen em is on the KTM factroy supermoto rides at the reno race. Instead of pinch bolts it uses a threaded collar/ taper lock arangement. SUPER PIMP! picked em up for 330 euros (like 415 USD) new, they go for around a grand. Made in Austria.