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  1. ford832

    02 Fork Guards

    Great,thanks guys.
  2. ford832

    02 Fork Guards

    Hi guys,I did a search but couldn't come up with what I'm looking for.I want to change the fork guards on my 02 250 to a style without the locating ribs inside and guides.Does anyone know of any from a Yamaha or anything else that will bolt up or bolt up with modification?Thanks.
  3. ford832

    Does no one wear HJC Helmets?

    Right you are.KBC/HJC makes a large number of the "high end" helmets out there today.You pay for the name in many cases.I've had various but prefer KBC/HJC simply becuase they fit me well.They also carry the same certification as everyone else.
  4. ford832

    Boyesen power reeds vs. pro series

    I've used both and found they work about the same but the carbon fiber last longer.If you switch from stock or super stock to the power reeds you likely won't notice any difference(sometimes worse)unless you rejet.Two sizes down on both the main and pilot with a/s about 1-1.5 turns out is a good starting point.
  5. ford832

    single spoke

    You can also get them at your friendly neighbourhood Yamaha dealer.
  6. ford832

    Pipe musings.

    Thanks,that's good info.Fixing it isn't a problem but maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to replace it-lol.
  7. ford832

    Pipe musings.

    Thanks,I just searched it but couldn't find the gauge spec.Is it thicker than the Gnarly or PC's heavier pipe? I withhold my amen while I await more info:)
  8. It's simple really.You simply use half a capfull per tank as compared to a full cap of the competitors brand. Amsoil now sells a chainsaw oil that is supposed to be mixed at 100:1.Personally,I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole but I know a guy who has been using it for the last year in his saw with no issues-and it gets used pretty hard.I'm sure the oil migration data doesn't jive with this and yet it appears to work with no crank failure yet.
  9. ford832

    Pipe musings.

    Lol,that's sort of my problem,I've pulled them enough times there are thin spots here and there.A couple places just happened to develop pin holes a while back which I welded over but I'm staring to think maybe it's time for a new one.BTW,a o/a torch is your friend when it comes to the stock one
  10. ford832

    Pipe musings.

    So,I'm thinking of pulling the dents yet again on my stock pipe(which I happen to like) or maybe it's just time for a new one.Does anyone know what gauge the stock pipe is?I'm considering an FMF or procircuit replacement but would like something at least as durable as stock.Any other ideas?Thanks.
  11. People around here started doing it a number of years ago and tried just about everything until someone showed up one year with a set of Fourniers pre studded tires. The following year almost everyone had them.It's all about placement and angle and though some tried to duplicate them they'd still get lapped until they switched.Strange but true. http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=fournier%20ice%20tires&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CFIQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.marcelfournier.ca%2Findex-en.php&ei=k-LwTqazNqby0gGOj6nEAg&usg=AFQjCNHxfsypHicoIGOEyW6yMFCTxgS_dQ&sig2=LlR1Jk-p4hgCywTnWSOBuw&cad=rja
  12. ford832

    YZ250 18-in rear wheel swap?

    A 130 Michelin is a 110 in anything else. You should go with the 450 rim if you want to run the 110(130) The 250 is narrower(185 as compared to 215 if I remember right) If you put a 110 on the narrower rim it rounds the profile.You could put a 100(120 Mich) on it but it wouldn't be as good a choice on a 250 as you have less of a footprint.
  13. ford832

    Boysen Power Reeds

    Favorite mod.I've put them in every 2t I've ever owned-usually the carbon pro series.Generally end up 2 sizes down main and pilot both though this varies depending on the bike.I usually do this for a start and fine tune.If you don't rejet you won't realize the benefit and it will just be rich and blubbery.
  14. ford832

    inline fuel filter ?

    Always after picking up dirt in both carb on my RZ years ago.It's the first thing I put on every bike I get.The fuel tank strainer isn't fine enough to pick up particles that will bugger up your carb.Most bike shops sell the triangle shaped filters,about an inch long with what looks like a perforated stone inside.Cheap,tough,the media won't disintegrate and lasts a long time.I change mine every year.Cheap insurance and will in no way restrict fuel flow.I've never had a dirt related carb issue since the RZ in '89.
  15. ford832

    Traded the WR450 in for a 2005 YZ250...

    Cool bike,congrats.Awaiting the maiden voyage report.