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  1. john bendt

    Pirelli scorpion pro rear

    2006 400s,7200mi.florida sand-grass pine needles-Ga. clay, NC dirt, Al rocks, scorpio does well with all lasts +- 2000mi-air up for the road 140/80 no fit issues. Have changed to MT21 due to longer overall mileage-again best traction, ?any tire air down 14-16 dirt-25-28 road? get 2600 out of MT21 just order 3rd one. still run front scorpion @ 14-16 when dirt sand all day 20 road-for instance on TAT. good luck jb.
  2. john bendt

    Tank Bags on Plastic Tanks

    Have two both made for ATV's. Fieldline Pro Series-Camo- had to modify with x-tra strap at bottom and cut small horizontal hole to pass strap through Rad. plastic collector. Recently bought QuadGear extreme ATV Tank Cargo Bag. Greta fit and finish product-zippers even have rubber seal. This "saddle" bag fits with "bungie" strap along bottom with plastic hook I took around to rad bracket-front attachment point-back took Bungie and wrapped through hole in rad deflector and back to bag-sweet fit-this one i bought in black and looks better than cammo. bought both off E-Bay. site www.classicaccessories.com
  3. john bendt

    broken collarbone question

    Racing, to add to yesterdays note; pain of unyielding-unrelenting nature radiating away from area of injury may represent nerve contusion or entrapment-best consult your physician.
  4. john bendt

    broken collarbone question

    Racing, suggestions from Orthopaedic PA with 24 yrs. experience-clavicle fractures generally take 4 weeks to develope healing calcium/"callous" that can be seen on an x-ray, 8-weeks for healing @ 80%. Still not enough bone to take same stress that caused fx in first place-trully 12 wks for full callous formation then 6-12 months for soft tissue recovery. Pain takes 3-4 weeks to reduce 50-75% (once callous formation starts). Clavicle acts like a "strut" on an airplane wing and is always stressed-sit-stand-rotate trunk-breathe. Also remember the higher the velosity of injury the longer the healing process. Tardy and nonunions are possible! No-one likes to do surgery on clavicle fx's due to the arteries-veins-nerves that clavicle protects-and hardware can break. You need to invest another 4-6 weeks to asses your outcome-good luck.
  5. john bendt

    Adding another dualsport to the stable.....

    Erling, v-strom 650 is great! have 06 drz400s & 08 weestrom. The wee i now call my hunter seeker bike-also great way to get wife to go with me. Even two up with adjustable rear suspencion. Very smooth, can ride all day. Even do jeep track-alittle air down of tires-enjoy.john
  6. john bendt

    Any Other KLX250S Owners Out There?

    live in st. augustine. how is the klx250s treating you? 50 year old keeping up with my 15 yo son on klx300. looking at trading xr250 on klx250s vs. drz400s. anticipate 90% trail riding. please let me know how the bike is performing. thanks, john.