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  1. Does anyone knows if there is a weight difference between this two brands. And if possible can some of you share your experiences with one or the other brands? Regards
  2. Wao... this is a beauty ! Congrats
  3. Romagosa

    06 450 bar risers

    thank you for your help. I think I will go with Henry´s taller bend
  4. Romagosa

    06 450 bar risers

    How do I know if the stock Pro Taper bar that came on my 450 06 are what is called the YZ high or low bend ?
  5. Romagosa

    Look in my garage...

    hEY GREAT LOOKING BIKE. Are those disk brakes aftermarket? what brand are those? I am looking to buy one here in my country (PANAMA) but for some reason they dont get it here until march. I am trying to find a dealer in miami so I can buy it and bring it here on my own.... If you happen to know a dealer in miami that has one of this beauty´s in stock please let me know. Best regards and merry christmas Lorenzo