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  1. Rsquared

    250sx on the trail?

    My son bought a 13 250 SX right after they came out. He's a woods rider and races hare scrambles with it 90% of the time. I rode it several times and had to have one. Got a smoking deal on a left over 13 a couple of months ago and started setting it up to suit me. Aside from the protective farkles most folks add to any bike, I also added an 11oz fly-wheel weight to reduce the massive hit and improve the way the bike hooks up, as well as having the suspension revalved for my riding. I've never ridden a bike that'll rail single track corners, as well as thread the tight technical sections like this thing. The bike is absolutely amazing...
  2. Rsquared

    Hard decision, need some help, 200 or 250 xcw?

    I had a 200 XCW and without a doubt it has to be the most fun bike I've ever owned. For racing hare scrambles, in tight technical stuff, it's the right tool for the job. But, for open sandy or muddy courses, it gives up too much to the bigger bikes. I'm on a 250 now, and as much as I miss my 200, I'm faster on the 250.
  3. The bike is used for hare scrambles and woods work. Anybody running the 11 oz Stealthy fly wheel weight? Pro's and Con's?
  4. Rsquared

    '09 valve adjustment

    It should be the same, except for the stud that holds the rubber bushing for the gas tank is removable on the 09 and up models. I've checked my valves every 40-ish hours and they haven't moved in 130 hours. I did however, have to replace the piston and rings at 130 hours. This is a pretty good link on the valve adjustment... http://paochow.com/forum/index.php?topic=40.0
  5. Rsquared

    13 250sx woods

    This man knows what he's doing, converting the SX suspension to a woods bike. Doesn't try to sell you a bunch of stuff you don't need either. I've shipped all my KTM suspensions to him... http://www.mikes-dirt-bike.com/
  6. I just did the same thing to my 09 450. Did you replace the piston and rings, or just the rings? if so which manufacturer? What was your ring end gap? I don't see how the oil pump gear replacement could cause the engine to smoke. You may want to inspect the intake and exhaust above the valves, looking for oil residue. It could be your valve stem seals leaking by. If not, the only other place I could see oil getting into the combustion chamber would have to be the rings... I've done a couple of these recently and neither one smoked.
  7. Rsquared

    Carbon Fiber Skid Plates

    Good point. If that had been my bike I might have gone that route, but that was my son's old race bike and he doesn't like the auto-clutches...
  8. Rsquared

    Carbon Fiber Skid Plates

    77332001344 Outer Clutch Basket $438.51 77332011010 Clutch Kit $203.99 7733000124415 Cluth Cover $202.72 7733002620015 Outside Cover $43.09 Total $888.31 Plus a new gasket and couple of quarts of oil. By golly you're right, that's not $1000. Please forgive me for rounding up!
  9. Rsquared

    Ktm 350sxf recall question

    Here's a copy of the actual recall. 33/11/184/HQ-E / Action code !! Author: FH May 9th 2011 Applies to: MAIN SHAFT BEARING Model: 350 SX-F 2011 (XC-F models are not affected) Restrictions: Engines with a serial number below 1-772*05995* Countries: All Basic information: Problems with bearing 0625204280, which was installed in 350 SX-F engines up to serial number 1-772*05994*, can lead to bearing failure or even to extensive engine damage. For this reason, KTM decided to promote exchanging of the bearing in the markets with another bearing that meets higher bearing material quality standards. The new bearing 0625160040, together with the required washers, gaskets and restrictor, is contained in the main shaft bearing conversion kit 772 33 099 100.
  10. Rsquared

    KTM 350SXF Question

    Good point. I've been reluctant to put more draw on a battery though, since the bike doesn't have a kick starter. I guess there's a work-around for everything, but I just keep it moving fast enough to avoid the problem.
  11. Rsquared

    KTM 350SXF Question

    I own both, ride single track and race hare-scrambles. My $ .02... I changed to 13/52 gearing on the 350 and have the suspension revalved and resprung on both bikes. For tight technical courses the 200 is the way to go. For open fast courses the 350 gets the nod. The 350 is crazy fast compared to the 200, corners faster and is alot more stable. For a trail bike, keep your 200. If the 350 doesn't maintain good air flow thru the radiators, it will overheat, so no sitting still or poking around waiting for the kids.
  12. Rsquared

    Lets see those 200

    There Saturday, good start, slipped to third, then this:
  13. Rsquared

    Lets see those 200

    So, you're using two camera's at the same time? Well done, I really like your video! That was a fun course, wasn't it...
  14. I ride single track and race hare scrambles. I went from a 450 XCW to a 350 SXF and wouldn't go back. For me, the 350 is perfect. However, if you really like the 450 grunt on the bottom end then the 350 isn't for you. I've got riding buddies still on 450's and half of them love my 350, and half of them don't. One has already made the switch. So before you spend $8K or more, you really should find somebody with a 350 and persuade them to let you ride theirs...