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  1. Why not just get it replated and be done with it?
  2. Anthony M

    2001 RM125 Fork Rebuild

    Sounds good! I'm gonna order the parts today... Thanks
  3. Anthony M

    2001 RM125 Fork Rebuild

    The seals on my RM125 are leaking like crazy so I am planning on replacing them. Should I go ahead and replace the bushings while I have it all apart, or is it not generally worth it? I have replaced the seals before, but I just dont know if replacing the bushings would have a noticeable effect.... Thanks!
  4. Anthony M

    Sub Frames

    I believe in '04, the subframed was lowered 10mm. I would guess they all bolt up the same though...
  5. Anthony M

    Engine Animation ?

    www.howstuffworks.com Search for 2 stroke or 4 stroke