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  1. Howard_Huge

    New riden pics of the ktm

    Looks good nice pics.
  2. Howard_Huge

    Middle Creek 5/30: Let's ride

    Someone has to be able to make a trip up there this weekend. It looks like my riding buddy is going to flake so it is up to you, you know who you are. Pack it up and ride MC Sat & Sun. LET'S GET IT ON...
  3. Howard_Huge

    Middle Creek 5/30: Let's ride

    I just im'ed ossidog about this very subject. I am all over it... I will be camping in Lakeport this weekend and would love to hook up and ride MC or Cow Sat&Sun.
  4. Howard_Huge

    Los Gatos trio arrested in assault on dirt biker

    I too agree with Wobbly's post. Hopefully it becomes a reality for them. Nightmare indeed... Huge Bob, get well soon brother.
  5. Howard_Huge

    Who in NCAL carries Sidi boots????

    2 for Road Rider on Monterey Rd. In San Jose,.
  6. You almost had me convinced you were actually going to race... there hasn't been any rain down here. For all those racing good luck. HH
  7. Howard_Huge

    Feb. 19th - Stonyford 9:00 am.

    Zekedawg, that would have been sweet hooking up. Here was our first loop. Break out the maps. Up the Cut #40 out 22 to 20 to 3 to 4 down 5 up 4 and down 4 again, all covered in six inches of dry white chocolate snow cake...over to 12 up 6 over to 51 down to 15 did all of 15 back down 13 to 32 and down Letts Ridge gas be runnin low at this point. Fueled up and rode over to Digger pines via #40 out 22 to 26 and down big sullivan over to 27 to 28 to all the way to the staging area and back on 30 up m-5 to 38 down to the flats. whew good days ride. The best part was blazing a new trail in the snow up and over three to four there were no tracks at all! As a matter of fact didn't pick up another set of tracks until halfway down six. next time. huge
  8. Howard_Huge

    Feb. 19th - Stonyford 9:00 am.

    They should start up a new forum called the Fair Weather Riders Forum... It could be moderated by Big Bob and Super Sly I rode SF on Friday and the conditions were fantastic if you like six inches of fresh dry snow covering all of the high trails. Met some guys up there and had a great ride. Sorry forgot the camera. Definately worth the drive. But then Stonyford usually is...
  9. Howard_Huge

    creek hydroplaning

    Six foot = wheelie across at any speed...unless its like three feet deep and ragin.
  10. Howard_Huge

    Who's Going to be the 1st?

    Heaven forbid you talk about how to do a stoppie? buwahhahha
  11. Howard_Huge

    250 sx clutch dragging

    Lately my 05 250 sx clutch has been dragging when I start it in gear. It takes a couple more kicks than usual and then it drags you forward. Dead engine starts it just doesn't work period. Could I have warped the clutch drive plates or maybe one is broken? Or is the juice clutch acting up? I haven't had this problem with my four strokes. But they have the button.I do work the clutch pretty hard. Huge
  12. Howard_Huge

    Anyone riding Hollister tomorrow?

    Gotta work...otherwise i'd be there I bought my dad an auto clutch for his 450 exc... he hasn't ridden it yet but I have taken it out and it is pretty cool. Thanks for letting me ride your bike. I think it will be perfect for him. Howard
  13. Howard_Huge

    Elkins Flat

    Don't believe the hipe. My daughter used to ride all over Elkins Flats by Caldor road. Back then she was riding a PW 80 and my wife was on a TTR 125. We made a solid 25 mile loop. Some of the riding was a little challenging for my wife but my daughter did just fine. There are plenty of easy trails to take your kids on. Even the big kids like Big Bob. The scenery and sense of adventure are worth the trip. good luck, Huge
  14. Howard_Huge

    The new Clear Creek restrictions...

    No. I definately do not think it is a good thing. We have thirty days plus or minus to fight this. But it seems like the BLM has a pretty solid plan for MANAGING the area. Lets hope they change their mind. I agree with plant guy that they will not be able to keep people from riding the thousands of unmarked single track trails so they will have to close it for a period of years to let the slow growing vegetation make a comback. I think the BLM ball is rolling right over Clear Creek and there isn't much we will be able to do about it. Hopefully I am wrong.
  15. Howard_Huge

    Prairie City GP War report. Whats Your Story?

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Except I went over the bars early. And played catchup the rest of the race. Middle of the pack Vet A.