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    2-stroke at Kerry Canyon

    SBMX, Yeah, you guys definately took the harder route going up from Lazy. we dropped in and it was quickly the "point of no return" for us, we had to keep going down! -osok
  2. osok

    2-stroke at Kerry Canyon

    Hey SBMX, I just realized we probably rode past you on our way out! -osok
  3. osok

    2-stroke at Kerry Canyon

    A buddy and I rode from Santa Maria to Cuyama yesterday via sierra madre. On the way back we took Kerry down to Lazy. I was on a 72 sl350 and he was on a 73 xl250, both bone stock and street legal. Took us quite a while to get down with lots of breaks. I had never heard of this trail before but highly recommend it to any adventurous riders! -osok