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  1. ThePearl

    2011 dr 650 !!!!

    Smart ass!
  2. ThePearl

    2011 dr 650 !!!!

    Went riding with a Suzuki Dealer Owner this weekend and we talked about this very thing. A major redo is in the works. He even rode a prototype model. Liquid cooled 680 or 690 with DRZ type suspension. No fuel injection on it, but they thought that would be on the final bike. He said it was slightly slimmer at the seating position, but it was still in rough form. The thought was that it was still 2 years away. The DRZ will get it's redo after the intro of the DR650.
  3. ThePearl

    Nuetech Tubliss.... becoming a fan

    A little bit of an update on this Nuetech TuBliss System. You have to get used to running with such low pressures as you do with this. I've run as low as 7 lbs - great traction but a little squirrly on the road. I kept thinking I had a flat. One real bonus with this system is the ability to continue to drive the bike on a flat without ruining the tire or the rim. I was out the other day and was a few miles back in the woods and had a sharp rock pierce my tire. I had a flat. I was alone with full gear on and it was about 32 C(90 F). I really did not want to get into fixing this on the trail. I fired up the bike, sat up on the seat a bit and rode out in second and third gear and even did a mile or two of pavement. Stopped in at a Buddy's place to let him see the results. No damage to either the tire or rim. In a straight line you can barely tell you are running flat - you can still wheelie on it - I tried. I had forgot to put slime in the tire before that ride. That may have kept me from having a flat in the first place - so they say. I brought the bike home, pulled the wheel off, pulled the tire off, pulled the TuBliss off (just to check it out), and put a plug in the tire. Reinstalled everything and aired up. Plug holding air just fine and then added SLIME for the next flat event. Rode the bike for about 3-4 hours last Saturday with no issues with the plugged tire still running at 8-10 lbs. CONCLUSION - the TuBliss can pay for itself the first time you ride the bike out of the woods on a flat without ruining your tire or rim. I think it is a great safety feature in that regard too. Fast too - if I had my plug kit with me, I could have fixed the hole in about 1 minute (wheel still on the bike) and aired up and been on my way - Awesome, much better than patching a tube. I think I will get one for the front next year. PS - I think I will clear up one misconception that I read in this thread. There is almost no way that you could destroy the inner core of this system out on the trail. In many years of riding, I have never seen a flat on anyones bike that would have punctured the inner core. It is very small and very thick. The outer "Red" layer is itself a "Tire" - like 5mm thick or something and the inner tube (someone said very thin in this thread - you are wrong) is as heavy duty as an UHD tube. 2 or 3mm thick I think. Very thick. The only thing I carry with me now that I didn't before is a Plug kit (a couple of ounces at the most), but the piece of mind that I can fix a puncture in a couple of minutes with little effort as i don't have to take the wheel or tire off is invaluable. One time pays for the TuBliss in my mind. Plus how much is an UHD tube anyway. I think they estimate 20 tire changes per TuBliss - even if it lasts half that time - 10 UHD tubes is a hell of a lot more than $100.
  4. ThePearl

    2001 KDX220 H.O. Stator Question

    I just used an oil filter wrench with a piece of old inner tube on the flywheel so it wouldn't slip. Worked great. Had the fly wheel off in two minutes.
  5. ThePearl

    KDX or KTM?

    Some buddies of mine have 3 EC300s. They have no problem getting parts. Many are interchangeable with KTMs. They were worried about parts when they bought them 3 seasons ago and they have never missed a ride. Don't worry about it. They are great bikes. I don't know about the 250s, but the 300s have TONS of power. Fifty miles per hour power wheelies no problem.
  6. ThePearl

    KDX200 or KDX220?

    I will start by saying that I have only ridden my 200 and my buddy's 220. I do know the setups somewhat. 2002 KDX 200 FMF Gnarly Woods Stock Muffler Boyesen Dual Stage Reeds Rejetted 2005 KDX 220 FMF Gnarly Woods FMF Turbine II Muffler Boyesen Rad Valve Rejetted I find these bikes to be night and day. My 200 rips everywhere. Wheelies so easily in the first 3 gears and if you hit the power just right 4th. The 220 seems to be a good trailable bike but I don't think the torque is any better than mine and once you get the revs up there's no comparison. I've ridden the 220 some and I never feel comfortable when coming to an obstacle that I'll get the front wheel over it. Now, maybe his bike is not running well. It seems to be, but the power is just not there like I think it should be.
  7. ThePearl

    KDX200 or KDX220?

    I've ridden both and I like my 200 better. Better power and still lots down low. Anyone else?
  8. ThePearl

    Which helmet for the DR?

    Last year I got an HJC Vapour Dual Sport. I really like the very large visor. Large field of vision and it is super light...I believe lighter than the ARAI even and much cheaper.
  9. ThePearl

    What Stator is this?

    Well I got my flywheel off, finally. I used an oil filter wrench. It held it perfectly, but when the nut came free I ripped a chunk of flesh off my pinky finger about the size of a dime! OUCH!! A little rust inside the flywheel. Should clean up though. Then I noticed something I was not suspecting. The stator in the bike was not the same as the extra one I have. I bought my Dual Sport Kit used from a guy I know. He ahd it installed on his 2005 KDX 220, but when he sold it he took it off and I bought it. With the kit was a stator. He thought it was the original one out of his bike as he had bought one from Fredette for 65-75 Watts. He thought he had installed it and this was the one he took out. Well this looks to me like the Fredette one. Am I mistaken, but I thought the thicker the wire the more power you generate. The one in my hand has wire at least twice as thick as the one on my bike. I had bought 17AWG wire to rewind one of these and that looks like what is already on the one that is in my hand. Any thoughts?
  10. ThePearl

    How do I get the Darned Flywheel Off?

    I tried an oil filter wrench. Worked perfectly. Success!!
  11. Got a new flywheel puller but I can't get that darned nut off in order to use the puller. How do you hold the flywheel in place so you can turn that nut off? 2002 KDX 200 by the way, if that matters.
  12. ThePearl

    What kind of Reeds are these?

    Took off the reed stops. Will it make much of a difference? Will I need to rejet now?
  13. ThePearl

    What kind of Reeds are these?

    What do you do, take the stops right off?
  14. ThePearl

    What kind of Reeds are these?

    Can I use carb cleaner on these?
  15. I took out the reed cage just to take a look since I just bought a 2002 KDX 200 in the fall. I had no idea what was in it for reeds. I still don't know. I can't tell by looking. Here they are. I don't know if they are originals or aftermarket, good or bad. They look good, but what do I know. I've never seen Reeds before.