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  1. moto787

    Baja practice on Wednesday Question

    wed practices are most times split up. not sure if its as much as on the weekends but i know that it has been split the few weds that i have been. not sure about freelin? but i think it is about the same deal.
  2. moto787

    mx practice tracks near lansing?

    cool well i know of log road and i know they have practice there on some wed.s so i think i will be hitting that up. but im more looking to see if some one has a practice track thats privately owned and that might be a lil closer. but hey man i always am looking for a riding partner so let me know if you want to ride some time.
  3. moto787

    looking for mx tracks near ocala?

    OK well not to be an ass back at ya, but if you read what i wrote you will see that i said, i already know of all the public tracks around fl. I am looking for a place to ride besides those tracks i have been to all of them and they are a lil old to me. i am looking for a track near ocala that some one owns privately and would allow me and some of my close Friends i race with to ride there every now and then. i already know of a few and those are the best places to ride here in fl. I just know that there is more than what and who i already know. pax, waldo, bith,hard rock,bostwick,reddick yea.... all public tracks!!!! but thanks for the help donO! keep up the sharp work.
  4. hey guys thanks for reading this. heres the deal i have lived here on and off for a few yrs now and would love to find some good tracks to practice at near ocala. i already know of hard rock and all the other public tracks around fl. i race pro and me and some of my good Friends would really love to find a place to ride that is just good practice, nice and rough nothing amazing just a place to pound some good laps. i know there is some places because people have to ride some where??? any help would be great thanks.
  5. moto787

    mx practice tracks near lansing?

    hey guys, my name is jonny logan. i grew up racing in MI have been living in fl for the past few yrs. i race pro and in about a week i will be heading back home to lansing mi. i am looking for some tracks to ride at for the summer. not d-14 tracks i know those but just places to ride durring the week that i dont have to drive 2 hrs to ride. any help would be great. thanks jonny.
  6. moto787

    Factory Connection

    i have rode for fc on and off for some yrs now. some times they hit it right on but others they are off. its like every company out there i have had good from some but bad from the same company on a diffrent bike. i will say this about fc they are by far the best company to work with and they really do care. i have worked with everyone else as i ride pro mx and sx i still send my stuff to fc becuse they are willing to work with you to get it right all the way to the end and are nice and respectful the whole time.
  7. moto787

    Central Florida MX Training Schools

    well i have been to an ftr race before at redick but i think it was a long time ago. redick is my fav track here in fl so i try to ride it how ever i can. as for my mx school my rates depend on how many ppl are in the class and for how long. most of my lessons are one on one and i charge $50 and hour with a min of 2 hours for a one on one lesson. the more ppl in the class the cheaper it is. most ppl do a one on one class for 2-3 hrs and thats all the can really take in at that time. they go home and practice what they learned for a week to a month and then come back for another lesson. just depends on the rider and there goals as far as what is best for them.
  8. moto787

    Central Florida MX Training Schools

    maybe i can help with this. my name is jonny logan, i run the motocross school called evolution mx school. i teach all over fl but most of my schools are run out of hard rock and waldo. i also teach at private tracks as well. there are many schools around fl and almost every track has one. the good thing about my school is it is run by me and i teach one on one, and have full access to the tracks. i provide a very good school and pride my self on it, as i put a money back guarantee that it is the best school you have and will ever attend. i teach 7 days a week, i also race pro for a living and i travel alot so you just have to call and set up a time with me. you are welcome to contact me at 517 404 5865 or you can call hard rock and they can help you get set up with me.
  9. moto787

    HARDROCK needs you!

    well this is a very interesting topic to me. let me start by saying that i do not wish to talk bad about anyone, but as i read before there are always 2 side to every story. as someone involved with h.r and actively racing pro i can tell you that there are some big problems over there and has been for a long time. i would no longer consider hard rock to be a premiere track in FL. just see that by the turn outs for practice and the fact that hard rock has been so difficult to deal with that no promoters will try to hold a race there anymore. so instead of blaming the sale of hard rock on some up set customers, maybe we should all take a look at the track hard rock used to be and the lack of a track hard rock is today. the sport is much larger now than it was back in H.R prime so it is not for lack of riders but rather lack of riders who want to ride at hard rock. so instead of saying how sad it is glen is fed up with the riders it appears as the riders are more fed up with glen. so maybe its time for hard rock to respect and listen to the riders because with out us there is no hard rock and it looks like they are starting to learn that the hard way. don't worry hes in hurry to sell at 4.5 anyway.
  10. moto787

    motor help 06 crf250r motor compare to 05

    Nice, well my point about those who know nothing say everything sure fits you. hey maybe you should tell all the team managers and all the factory teams that you have figured it out. they just must not be smart enough to figure it out, it dose not matter to have more hp. boy you should sure tell them. those idiots just keep wasting hundreds of thousand just trying to get more horse power. keep up the good work!
  11. moto787

    motor help 06 crf250r motor compare to 05

    wow, drinking to much HATORADE is bad for your health. don't be a hater. Its funny how the pepole who know the least say the most.
  12. i would like to know if the 06 crf 250 has a much better motor than the 05 did? I race pro mx and sx and need real info mainly from some engine builders. the 05 just dose not have much motor potential to a privateer. i am able to switch to the new yzfs this year but now i hear they have cornering problems. i need to make my move fast as east coast sx starts soon. is a highly mod 06 crf able to make much more horse power than a highly mod 05 is? or dose the yzf have way more capability's? please real info not rumors. and i don't want to hear that the old crf is plenty fast for some one u might know that race trails or something. I am talking real pro level racing, serious hp. your help would be great, thanks.