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  1. Motorrider

    Changing handlebars - XR650L

    I put the Pro-Taper 7/8 bars on my L, and kept the little nipples on the controls. I just kind of lined them up on the bars, and drilled holes in the bars to accomodate. Did it all on the bike. I didn't want the controls or mirrors to be able to move around the bar by grinding the nipple off. I went with the CR High Bend and am very pleased. The bars were much cheaper than the regular tapered Pro Tapers with the new triple clamp and all that. Good luck.
  2. Motorrider

    Where to get a Kouba Link?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where to purchase a Kouba Link or similar device? I can't seem to find a locate on a vendor.
  3. Motorrider

    Where do I find a quality top triple clamp for my L?

    To avoid the problem of finding a new triple clamp, I just bought the new Pro Taper standard bars, they fit right in the clamps, and I got all the controls on with ease. They come with the cross bar and pad for about $70.00. Just a thought.
  4. Motorrider

    looking at new exaust for 650l

    I recently installed a White Bros. E2 series on my '06 650L. I am very happy with it, but did have to have a bolt fabricated to make it mount up correctly! The bolt that White Bros. sent, did not work in the location they have the top mount. The bolt was too thick, and not quite long enough. I had a machinist make me one for $20 out of stainless, and it worked great! I will try to take some pictures and attach them later! I had ordered a regular E-Series, but was told they were discontinued for the 650L. I am very happy with the sound and quality of the E2, just a little confused as to why the bolts would be different! Good luck!
  5. Motorrider

    XR650L vs KLR650

    I have not owned an "R", but do know that it was basically the inception of my dream bike after having owned and raced two XR600's. Honda once gave me an hour long phone survey of what I would do to change the 600, and about two years later, wahlaa! Anyway, I have had my 650L for almost a year now, and am very happy with it. It does mostly everything I want it to. I have done almost all of the suggested mods, including a White Bros. E2 pipe recently. I'm still trying to dial in the whole jetting thing, but it's getting there! These days, (especially in Cal.) I don't expect anything to run well or have max. performance right out of the box! The only real disappointment I will say, is the stock tires, they are pretty much worthless off-road! I think it's a great bike, and get comments on it everywhere I go with it! I would definately shop around though, because good deals are to be had, the "L" is not big seller, so most dealers will work with you! I got my "L" for $6,000 out the door! Good luck!
  6. Motorrider

    What exhaust should i get for my 650L?

    Justicedone, I really like the looks of your bike! Mine is an '06 also, and I was actually kind of modeling my ideas around yours! I have no luck finding an E-Series though! Someone posted a short cut for "MotoJoe" or something, but after I placed my order, they called me and said that White Bros. has discontinued them for the "L". You said you found yours on E-bay? Was it used or what?
  7. Motorrider

    650L - Which Handlebars to buy?

    Hey Justicedone, your bike looks great! How much did you pay for your bars and handguards, and where did you get them? That's exactly the set up I'm looking for, but not sure how much I should spend!
  8. I posted the same thread at 4Strokes.com, so sorry for you guys that bounce back and forth like I do! Has anyone mounted the headlight assembly from a 650R onto a 650L? I almost never ride my L at night, so don't really need the Hi/Lo ability. I saw one guy who had done it, but I forgot who he was, and I think his photos were on a site that no longer exists! I don't want to spend a fortune, or do a bunch of hacking on my bike, but thought if it was easy enough, I would try it. Like the looks of the overall assembly better!
  9. Motorrider

    XR650R items available

    Opened the links but there is nothing there! Am I doing something wrong? I'm looking for a 650R headlight assembly, got one for sale?
  10. Motorrider

    Polishing Plastic

    Thanks you guys. I appreciate all the comments, I especially liked the Mop-N-Glo suggestion! Reminds me of when I was in teh military, and some guys were using that stuff on their boots for shine. LOL! I would love to buy a new fender, but it seems like such a waste! I'll just keep rubbing until I can live with it.
  11. Motorrider

    Polishing Plastic

    I checked the archives, and could not really find anything helpful, so here goes! Does anyone have any ideas or info about polishing plastic? (I.E. red front fender) I dumped my 650L on the trail, and scratched the crud out of the front fender and side plate. I used some really fine sandpaper and elbow grease to get the really heavy ones out, but can't seem to get that polish thing down. I bought some "rouge" and buffing wheels for my drill, but I think I'm getting the plastic to hot or something. I think I've just about got it, but can't seem to get past that final stage without gumming up the surface. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I posted the same message on 4 Strokes.com, because I know some guys don't read both forums.
  12. Motorrider

    Smog System Removal

    I will do my best to get you the photos uploaded. Maybe check back tomorrow!
  13. Motorrider

    Smog System Removal

    I wouldn't think the oil is a big deal. It's coming in through the bottom just by vacuum right? I find that the bike starts easier, and runs smoother. No more big popping on decel! The throttle response is much better than before. I think that's the real power most guys are talking about. I was really fighting the motor taking off from stops and such, seems much better now!
  14. Motorrider

    Smog System Removal

    I just did my '06 L yesterday, and I used everything they included in the kit. I did have to dig around for a bigger vacuum cap for the one nipple on the carb though. the ones that come in the kit were too small, and I tore one trying to get it on. Haven't got a lot of miles yet, but sure seems a lot better, and definately looks a lot better! I can't believe all the junk they pout on there! I dont' usually like modifying things (mechanically), but that stuff had to go! I took digital photos of the process, before and after, so in case I have to put it back on, I might actually be able to figure it out. I think I might remove the shrouds next. Good luck.
  15. Motorrider

    Hare Scramble music video

    I got it, that was awesome! Brought me back to the day! Thanks!