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  1. Wonder how how a racing motor would hold up if it were detuned? Might last phenomenally long? A rev limiter and/or smaller carb, smaller jets? Built for 50 hp but only tuned for 30? But mfgs would not do that because they can make something with only 30 hp much cheaper
  2. Problem of course in people saying how long their motor holds up in years and months? We have NO IDEA how often and then how far one rides it! Some guys actually might think it means something to take a bike out in the back of a pick up truck somewhere a few times a year and ride it several hours .... meaning to ME that in 5 years they rode the bike as much as somebody else did in a couple of months! (that rode every day in the hills by their home) ....without odometer or hour meter or lots of details months and years just are meaningless...ya know?? And THAT is not even getting into the VAST differences in riding abilities! There are guys that can completely THRASH a bike in 6 months to where it is JUNK and there are old men being careful that could ride the same bike like forever...ya know? meaningless without accurate details...oh and then there is the factor of HOW they came by the bike in the first place...new or used...
  3. dougworm

    What's Going To Happen To The 650R?

    See now I bought a BRP kept it for a year and sold it ...yes it had awesome power in a nice chassis but the lack of an ES button really bummed me out, also it just wasnt quite streetable. Frankly I was surprised as heck that Honda didnt slightly detune that bike and put lights on it. Or at least friggen put a water jacket on the OLD XR motor and shove it in a lighter chassis! I mean for the right bike I'd pay 10 grand in a heart beat ... In fact if I could collect confidence in KTMs latest offerings maybe I already have MY bike just waiting for me. As stands, don't laugh but the KLR650 is holding the fort for me till I come up with something better. It is way under powered and way heavy but it is comfortable, super reliable smooth and so easy to live with. I prefer to ride it rather than drive my truck so long as it's not raining and I don't have to haul something/someone. My BRP on the other hand was a CHORE to ride so I never wanted to ... for example I ride the KLR 9 days of 10 to work year after year .. the BRP? I never rode one time to work the whole time I had it ...and yes it had a plate, Baja kit etc. I'm at an age where I want ONE do it all motorcycle ... I would love for it to do more than the KLR but whatever it is must get the part right that the KLR did FIRST and foremost ...why oh why won't Honda even fricken TRY? is what I want to know!
  4. dougworm

    '05 450R 2nd valve adjust. How long now?

    Am I hearing right?? These 4stroke MX bikes need a new fricken head after 50 hours or so? What does that translate to in miles? What, maybe 2 thousand miles??? What's with that?? Have they made them so lightweight as to grossly under engineer them for anything but to win a few races before needing rebuilt?? I had been thinking how cool it would be to have one of these with lights for my dual sport ride .... but NOT if that is what I have to look forward too! Shoot a 2 stroke race bike lasts better than that! And typically very few parts and relatively simple labor refresh things again or if ridden mildly they can go quite a ways ... see and I THOUGHT 4 strokes in dirt bikes dramatically increased longevity ... silly me?
  5. What I want to do and need to find out about first is the possibility of using the KLR600 speedo,tach/ignition switch and the 600's stock little fork mounted fairing on my '05 KLR650 (as opposed to frame mount fairing/windshield on the A19) that and also transplant of the 600's oversize Acerbis plastic tank to the 650. Anyone know if the electrical harnessing and connectors on the 600 gauges and ignition switch plug in and work with 650's harness? Note: I anticipate and I'm ready to give up my '05's fork lock if that's an issue) I know the speedo cable should be the same ..the triple tree fork yokes are the same so I pretty much KNOW it will all FIT at least ... IS the 600 But is this Aceribis tank WIDE enough in it's front integral "radiator shrouds" to go over 650's radiator and reservoir? And is the Aceribis tank the right length to fit between the forks and seat front of the 650? (I'm not opposed to making adaptors) Specifically I need to know rather than hear speculations, has anyone here actually DONE any of this??? For a new plastic tank I know I can buy a IMS tanks all day long for less than I paid so far to get this Acerbis but from what I understand you CAN paint the Acerbis tank but you can't paint the IMS (unless perhaps there is some type of easily applied lining to keep gas from "sweating" under the paint?) FYI my desire here is a bike focused more toward dirt that is painted "military" looking with pretty much everything olive drab and/or khaki and/or even camouflage. If the harnessing is different I may just 86 the stock gauges and mount a digital speedo and stock ignition switch on a custom dash backet ... the more I think about that I like it maybe better as it would be lighter and not driving a trouble prone speedometer gear/cable ... anyone done that? If so please share photos and details? BTW I also aim to transplant the kick start clutch (perhaps some or all of the gear box too) from this KLR600 I bought onto the '05 650. THANKS in advance! Also Anyone here in southern California want to rendezvous to go riding or to work out KLR project ideas? thanks Doug
  6. dougworm

    KLR600 Acerbis Tank?

    I JUST acquired an unused Acerbis tank ... I had to buy an entire KLR600 to get it too! LOL I am going to explore the possibility of using it on my KLR650 but if that does not pan out then it's going on Ebay or something. What I want to do and need to find out about first is the possibility of using the KLR600's plastic tank, gauges and the little fork mount fairing on my KLR650?? ...Anyone know if the electrical connector on the 600 gauges plug in and work with 650? Speedo cable should be the same ..triple trees are the same so I know guages/fairing will FIT at least! ... also anyone know if the 600 Aceribis tank is WIDE enough in front to go over 650 radiator and the right length to front to seat to work on the 650? Specifically has anyone actually DONE IT??? For a new plastic tank I know I can buy a IMS tanks all day long for less than I paid so far to get this one but from what I hear you CAN paint the Acerbis but you can't paint the IMS (unless perhaps there is some type of easily applied lining to keep gas from "sweating" under the paint?) my desire is to paint everything olive drab and/or khaki and/or even camouflage. I'd rather use a black or army green or? Aceribis tank (what color did they come in ever??) rather than this brilliant white (too pretty to paint too! and has the KLR decals too!) If paint chips I'd much rather not have white showing! So if it will work for 650, I might trade someone for a black or other color (maybe one that is not so pretty now even?) Anyway if you want this Acerbis tank please send your Email and when (IF) I list it I'll notify you. If I sell or particularly if I trade, I would LOVE for it to be local (southern California) then we can dispense with auction fees and just transact in person! but no matter E-mail me to get on the notify list! dchaney@mail.occ.cccd.edu or leave voice mail at 714 948 8068 Thanks! Doug
  7. dougworm

    Endrocross on tv

    It has been my lifelong experience that when rather obscure events are televised they are rarely done much justice at all. They tend to be chopped down to nothing and presented by someone with no love and little knowlege of the event so that some really dumb observation are made typically ... in a half butted attempt to sensationalize some aspect or other. I guess beggers are not supposed to be choosey over such things but one can't help being a littl bitter at such times. I sincerely hope it won't be the case again but if you see it's goin to be TV'd please don't get your hopes up that it would be covered anything like a NASCAR or other big money motorsports event ... they just never seem willing to let that happen. Feel lucky if they even do justice to the highlights and brace yourself for fast forward coverage along side one or more other events and perhaps a lame interview or two with