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  1. I have both, a 2002 YZ250 and a 2002 YZ250F. Are the forks the same (valving, springs, mounts, etc...)?
  2. Clifton

    Now this is Old School!

    That's awsome! I would love to see a clear video. Where could you buy a video like that?
  3. Clifton

    '06 WR cam/carb help..

    Are the cams and carb on my '06 WR450F the same as the YZ's? I was talking to a guy this weekend with '03 or '04 WR supermotard bike and he said that he had YZ cams and a YZ carb. Just looking for more power.
  4. Clifton

    Throttle Stop Screw!

    Bench Grinder.......works great.........all I can say.
  5. Clifton

    She doesn't like to start.....

    I bought the JD Jet Kit and installed the170 main jet with the blue needle in the #5 position and my zip-ty fuel screw is 1 3/4 turns out. Bike starts perfect NOW (didn't when I bought it) and all the popping and backfiring is gone! Last weekend I was at about the same elevation at a couple of degrees warmer.
  6. Clifton

    2005 =WR450FT and 2006 =WR450FV any new owners?

    Mine is the same as this ^^^.
  7. Clifton

    2006 Yamaha WR 450f Performance Mods?

    I have been reading all of the mods to be done to the WR450....and all I can say is WOW! I just bought an '06 last week and just breaking it in. I took it out in stock form the day after I bought it and was very disappointed in the performance. So I came home and did the free mods and made a big purchase also. The purchase included: -Pro-Circuit T-4 full exhaust (no spark arrest) -JD jet kit -Zip-Ty fuel screw -YZ throttle stop -Assortment of pilot, leak, and starter jets -NGK Iridium plug (CR8EIX) A couple of hours getting the jetting just right this morning and see ya stock POS WR! The bike is not even the same.....power, starting, and throttle response is unimaginable now. Thanks TT and everyone that has posted on this thread.