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  1. Hi I have a Øhlins 2.1 steering damper on my 2011 Honda CR250AF that starter leaking. I opened it up, but could't find anything that could cause a leak. So I figure I just the all the gaskets and o-ring replaced. But I cant find anyone that sell's parts for this damper. Has anyone got a clue where to search?
  2. Trusa

    YZ250 Timing Thread

    Very interesting post! I know this is a YZ250 thread, but I have done alot of research on this for the 01 Honda CR250. The reason for this is that I recently built a 01 CR250 engine from used parts from differnt bikes along with some new parts. Since the stator, cases and flywheel are from differnt bikes and the cranck is new oem from honda, I need to check the timing. The manual for the 01 cr250 says to use a timing light and a tachometer. Then check the timing while keeping the bike at 3000rpm. I did this, but found this method VERY inaccurate! Keeping it steady around 3000rpm is almost impossible, and the marking on the flywheel and stator is far apart. I would like to use the dial indicator method that the YZ250 uses, but I don't have the value you guys have from your manuals (0.007 B.T.D.C). Is there any way to figuer this value out? Or does any body have this value for the 01 CR250? I don't have any ping symptoms,but it lacks bottom end. I think this has alot to do with a crappy fake Kehin PWK I got right now. A new genuin 38 PWK is on the way.
  3. Trusa

    T.Valliere's 2012 CR250AF Conversion Build

    How is this build going? I am curious how you fixed the airbox/boot problem. Did you get the CP500 boot to fit?
  4. Trusa

    T.Valliere's 2012 CR250AF Conversion Build

    I am doing the same build as you. I used a spacer from a 2006 CR250 on the left side (49mm long. Part.nr: 52141-KZ3-J40) and on the right side I used a spacer from a 2009 CFR450 (54mm). Check out my build thread on allthingsmoto.com
  5. What did you have to fabricate to make the sxs damper fit, NINO?
  6. I am in the process of converting a 2009 CRF450R to a CR250AF. But I am curious on how the suspension will be with the lighter 250 2 stroke engine in it. I guess it will be on the stiff side. I mounted RaceTech valves in my 09 CRF450R that I currently race and loved it. The easiest way would be to start with RaceTech valves i think, becaus I don't have a clue where to start making changes to the oem valvestack... But first I have too figure out what spring rates that is best... Anyone have any experience with this kind of problem, that could give some pointers where to begin/contact? I am about 200lb and 6ft tall. I race MX only. Not sure how to describe my speed but maybe a C rider?? I live in Norway, so sending the suspension out to a suspension company for a revalve is not an option.
  7. The 2007 Kawasaki KXF 450 are fitted with 48 mm KYB forks...so are the 2009 Honda CRF 450
  8. Will the DLC inner fork tubes that comes stock on the Kawasaki KYB fork from 2007 and up fit on 2009 Honda CRF 450 KYB fork? I am talking about the inner fork tube only, not the fork axel lugs.
  9. Trusa

    Xtrig preload adjuster install....

    Yes, the spring is no problem, it is getting the oem preload rings past the alu ring att the bottom of the shock. I revalved the shock my self a couple of mounth ago, so I am not too keen on doing that again bacause where I live there is no where I can get it filled up with nitro after the rebuild. I will contact Smart Performace and here what they have to say about it. When I did the research on the Xtrig, they said only the WP shock needed to be taken apart....
  10. I am mounting a Xtrig preload adjuster on my 2009 CRF 450, but I can't get the stock preload adjuster rings off the shock. The rubber stopper bowl is in the way. Do I have to dismantle the shock (removing the shock shaft from the shock body) to remove the stock preload rings?
  11. I just bought a beater 2002 XR 50. The Chain has gone off and smashed the ignition, so I was looking att some ignitions on Ebay. Are these any good? I am restoring the bike for my daughter to use, so I am not searching for performance... Here is a link http://www.ebay.com/itm/IGNITION-STATOR-MAGNETO-PLATE-CRF-XR-50-CRF50-XR50-CHINESE-PIT-BIKES-50-70-125-/251293306115?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a823f8d03&vxp=mtr
  12. Where can I get aftermarket handlebars to a 2002 XR50 that has the same dimensions as the stock handlebars? The bike has a BBR handlebar kit right now, but my doughter is going to ride it and I need some smaller handlebars. I could get a stock one, but they bend so easy....
  13. Trusa

    2009 crf 450

    I have a 09 and I love it! I had a 05 CRF 450 before it and it felt like a tractor to the 09. I have about 50 hr on mine and no problem at all, the valves are even in spec! The bike feel so light and nimbel. I have the slipstream filter in tank and I think that one is a must so that you don't ruin your fluid filter. I change the oils and oil filter every 5-10 hours. I have the hinson six spring clutch and magura hyd clutch, becaus I like a easy clutch pull. Plus some other mods to my liking..
  14. Trusa

    Buchanan spokes and excel A60 rims?

    Okey, I will give buchanan a call. Thanks
  15. Trusa

    Buchanan spokes and excel A60 rims?

    When I bought the buchanan spokes I didn't see any option on bigger nipples. The bike is a 2009 CRF 450 with stock hubs by the way..