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  1. here's a long list of tracks for you..... 1. albany (off I5 exit 237 or so) 2. mt. view (sandy over by mt. hood) 3. salem indoor (at fairgrounds) 4. washsougal (national track) 5. delta park (portland raceway) 6. castle rock (off I5 in Washington) 7. woodland (off I5 exit 22 or so in Washington) 8. 123moto (indoor track in woodland if it still is around) 9. Thurston county (in thurston county washington, will reopen in spring time) hope this helps......... mackenziecycle......
  2. I have a 1984 Honda XR350 with dual carbs, i have been told that you can convert to a single carb set up. any info or who sells this kit would be nice.. please let me know. thanks