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  1. people are gettin killed ...they gotta go patrole
  2. our "track savers" work even better then the dbdawgs..and 0 power loss..
  3. met up with the OPP today at the NH..they were really nice and gave us a warning...and said they are only there on the weekends..week nights for me,bone dry over here sprinkled for 10mins ..then sunny all day..headin back west tomarrow if the rain holds off maybe ride ...
  4. burnt was alright..good beginner track..rain for 10 mins lightly..now its sunny ..so we're takein the kids and goin to check out another...double header
  5. Burntriver today ...shannonville tomarrow...east side
  6. Might head east this weekend to the NH or maybe burnt river..see how much rain we get...The NH will be good either way..but i'd like to try the Burnt
  7. I dont know ..either way I wanna go..tight tech tracks are fun..but I need some flat out speed ...
  8. Thata-boy....lets dune it ..... gotta try my new front sand tire...damn bike has sat for a week now cuz I cant get anyone to hit the dunes with me!!
  9. so far ..this bike hasnt cost me a dime..Ive got more time outta this top end then my 2 stroke!..valves are perfect..starts 1st kick ...and since I dont need oil mixed in ...the gas is cheaper too...weird...
  10. Zed!!! wanna hit the dunes this afternoon or tomarrow??anyone else??? goin Sat too..
  11. T storms 15+mm of rain tomarrow...so I think im changein my wheels and exhaust ..goin there sat maybe ..so it all works out
  12. ya ...its mucky ,then rained some more..I figure our only chance is the dunes ? just dont plan anything for a few days after
  13. I was out on the track yesterday with a big blue hose ..soakin up the powder in the new section..then it rains...bastards
  14. that sucks..I was just about to slap the FMF back on...guess I could plug it
  15. ya,rained ..so we stayed at our track..then it called for rain today so we worked on the track..