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  1. Haha, thanks for the info you posted on the other board. I did drive to Utah from North Carolina, but it was a couple years ago haha. To update this thread. I got the bike started, and I am now trying to do all the routine maintenance before riding. If anyone here knows the best place to buy the oil filters for this bike (1995 ATK 350), please let me know! Thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I purchased a 1995 ATK 350 yesterday. It started and ran fine before I loaded it into my suburban. I had to put it on it's side, so before doing that I took the plug off the carb bowl and drained the gas that was in there. When I got home, I tried to start it and realized that the gasket on the carb plug was messed up and it was leaking out gas everywhere. When I inspected it closer, it just seemed like the wrong size gasket so I replaced it with a different one that's thicker and fits tighter. I let it sit over night and this morning I still couldn't get it started. I checked the plug and noticed that it was only finger tight and that someone had tried to tighten it with pliers. This is most likely because you need a thin walled socket in order to fit in the plug hole. I had to order one today for $20 dollars because no store in town had any thin walled sockets. But anyway, it has spark and there should be gas flowing so i'm not really sure what to do next. It will probably be a couple days before I get the tool to tighten down the plug, but i'm hoping I can fix this without paying anyone. I am also wondering if there is any way changing the gasket on the carb bowl plug could mess with anything. The one that was on it was a pretty thin flat gasket and the one I put on is a thicker o-ring. Could this make any difference significant enough to keep it from starting? Thanks for any info!
  3. I never said I was going to beat it up! Anyway, ATK is based in Centerville Utah just an hour away from me so i'd bet there are some people there who could help me out if I need to find parts. I can't tell from the picture but I know a lot of these bikes have a center disk brake, so that would be cool if this one does too. I guess I will find out all the details later today when I go see it.
  4. So lately I have been looking around for a cheap dirt bike to play around with back behind my house and I came across an ATK 350. The guy wants $700 dollars and he isn't sure the exact year of the bike. He says it runs good, has good tires and brakes but it needs a battery and the lights don't work. It also has a kick start so i'm not too concerned about the battery. Here is a link to the ad: http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=218&ad=29092358&cat=236&lpid=&search=&ad_cid=3 It's about an hour away from me, so i'm hoping someone could give me advice as to whether or not it's worth the drive. I've heard ATK made some great bikes but I just wish I knew the exact year and model. Thanks for any help or advice!
  5. It's basically stock right now, but I have the 80% street tires on it. They wore out suuuuper fast. The guy that had it before me put aftermarket jets on it because it wasn't running right with the FMF pipe he installed. Since then my FMF pipe self destructed and I put the stock back on. I was riding today and I turned around to chase a guy on a honda 919 and while trying to catch up my bike started sputtering when I would get to around 95-100... that has never happened until today. I think I just want to get a better carberator. I never have problems when riding like a sane human being, but since I can't seem to do that, I must need to upgrade! First I will try tweaking it like you said qwerty. Thanks for the help! I ended up catching the guy though, I told him to follow me and I added the honda 919 to the list of bikes that can't keep up with me on a DR650!! woohoo!
  6. Usually when It does it, It's when I quickly drop the left side down by countersteering and gun the throttle at low RPM. Im not draggin the pegs or anything, probably half way there. I've heard that a lot of people upgrade the carberator on this bike, does anyone have any recommendations?
  7. Hey everyone, so recently while riding my 02 DR650, It has started sputtering kind of randomly. Im not sure if this makes sense, but it seems to be mostly when im accelerating from lower RPM while leaning to the left. It will just sort of hesitate for a second and then be normal. It's strange because it doesn't do it all the time. I was riding today and I had it happen once or twice in the first 20 minutes of riding and both times I was leaning to the left and accelerating. While I was riding today, someone on a CBR1000 rolled past me at a light and turned right so I decided to chase him instead of going straight. He gunned it and I stayed on his tail with the throttle pinned for pretty much all of about 7 miles through some nice hard turns and had no sputtering whatsoever. Went through some long left and right hand turns going about 90 and had no problems. The guy on the CBR couldn't lose me either! So like i said... it seems that it just happens when giving it a lot of gas from low RPM... and usually when im leaning to the left, but that might just be a coincidence. It's probably something simple, ive just always been way better at breaking things than fixing them. While im at it, ive had one more problem that doesn't really bother me that much but basically it seems like every time I stop REALLY fast my bike stalls. It only happens when im going fast and stop as fast as I can... and I don't do that very often, but I would like to know why it does that. Thanks for any help!!!!!!!!
  8. ive been going down jones ferry road and finding places. There are some power line trails that i havent gone all the way down yet, and there are some huge tv towers that have trails connecting them and some nice little hills to jump off of.
  9. Anyone ride dual sports around here? I have found some pretty cool places to ride on and off road so if anyone wants to meet up and ride send me a message.
  10. i think im going to try getting a new battery, Im stumped... if its not the battery i will probably take it to the dealer. It only has 3000 miles on it. It's weird.
  11. Well I was fiddling around with the wires, I was trying to make a connection from the starter wire to the hot wire and see if the starter would crank but it wouldn't... For a second the neutral light came on and the headlight came on and then when I hit the start button there was a click and the lights went out again.
  12. I was riding today and decided to stop at a store... I came out five minutes later and when I turned the key, the lights didn't come on and the neutral light wouldnt come on... and it would not start. I stopped at least 4 times before this happened today so I don't know why it would do this. I checked the battery, it has good charge. I checked the two fuses near the battery, both good. I don't really know anything about the wiring on this bike... Any help would be great!!!!!!!
  13. Okay, I just wrapped some electrical tape around the switch temporarily and it worked great. No sputtering, it was running so nicely that I got pulled over haha. I slowed down at a stop sign in the middle of nowhere to about 1mph about 10 feet from the sign and I couldnt see anyone on the cross street because there were trees in the way but as soon as I yank the throttle and ride through the stop sign with my front tire maybe 6 inches off the ground, I look to the right and there is a cop at the stop sign watching me! So he cited me for running a stop sign. Oh well... solve one problem and you have another.
  14. THANKYOU, it is definately the kickstand, that makes perfect sense. It has been a lot more loose since the accident. I am going to go affix something to the switch to keep it compressed I guess. I can't believe I didnt think of that!!!
  15. My bike sometimes backfires and/or sputters when I ride on rough terrain. I just got the bike pieced back together after hitting a deer (which is sad because it only has 1500 miles on it) and riding on the street it runs completely normal... but the other day there was a traffic jam and I hopped off the side of the road down a little hill and onto a gravel road and it started sputtering and backfiring but didnt stall out. It's weird because I can ride it down train tracks with no problem but then when I hit a steep bump going over a railroad track or crossing a road while riding on the railroad track it will backfire. So something about sudden bumps makes the gas flow stop for a second... So is it my carburetor? If it is... can someone tell me or post a link to something I can read that would explain how to adjust it. It's not that big of a problem, but just knowing that my bike may stall at an inopertune moment drives me insane and I have to fix it SOON. THANKS FOR ANY HELP!!!!!!