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  1. Hugh Jassman

    TMV Flywheel?

    Happened to remember that Thump Talk sells stuff. Looked at the list of companies and there was TMV. They make loads of stuff just like Tusk. So I put in 2005 CRF450r and up popped a flywheel! Wonder if it will work?
  2. Hugh Jassman

    TMV Flywheel?

    I think they are from Europe. I was thinking it was to good to be true, because btosports and Thompsonmotorsports.com have a listing for 2004-2008 crf450r. Every other bike listed is a 2 stroke, so I think they must be talking about the "X". Just wanted to talk to the "Pros" here and get the real scoop 8) Thanks for the reply Shawn.
  3. Hugh Jassman

    TMV Flywheel?

    Thanks for all the info you guys provide. Finally have a question I couldn't search out. Does TMV make a flywheel or weight for a 2005? Thanks Again.