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  1. DRH

    What Kind Of Bike Do I Have Here?

    Remove the float bowl and see if the floats are sticking. The floats should move smoothly with no sticking. Floats can stick open or closed each causing its own problem. A float that doesn't open will cause the bike to run out of gas and die. Sound familar? If you are not sure if it is sticking, the next time you get it fired up, tap the bowl LIGHTLY and see if the float drops thus allowing gas to fill the bowl and run a little longer. If still unsure remove and clean the whole assembly. Be careful, alot of small parts that have be installed properly.
  2. DRH

    about to pull the trigger on a 04 X

    I made the same jump. YZ400 to the 250X. Although the power loss is significant, I simply adjusted riding styles and location to suit the bike. HOWEVER, the maintenance is soooo much more demanding on the X. Night and day difference.
  3. DRH

    250X on the street in CA...

    It legally can not happen. The vin# will tell DMV it is an off road bike and that will seal the deal. Been there done that
  4. DRH

    What does it take to get plated in CA?

    You will NOT be able to legally obtain a lic plate for your X in Cal. Your Vin# will alert DMV that it is a designated dirt bike. I have tried.....
  5. DRH

    Dr. Mark- Miniscus

    Sorry to take so long. But my meniscus was cleaned up. The before and after pictures confirm what appears to be a real good clean up. Unfortunately the pictures also show arthritis in the lateral femoral condyle area. I was told continued wear and tear would result in a knee replacement down the road in 5-10 years. I had little to no pain after the surgery and did not need medication, I have just been cleared to start a exercise program on the knee suggesting little resistance and working up from there. I am in no hurry to get back to full stride, but I want to come back better than what I was. Thus my question ,how much how soon. What do you tell your clients? Thanks
  6. DRH

    Would you buy the same again???

    No!!! Never again! Its not what I thought I was getting. Very dissapointed, I wish I had done a better job of research. Thats my fault, but the bike was not up to normal HONDA excellance. It became a money pit for me and I got out of it ASAP.
  7. DRH

    Dr. Mark- Miniscus

    I just recently had a torn miniscus surgically repaired. What should I be doing to rehab the knee? How soon and how much? I was also told they found that I had arthritis in the same knee to the tune of 65%.
  8. DRH

    gym workout

    All the advise so far has been good. I also reccomend that your cardio wrokouts involve more than one machine. I usually involve three. I warm up on the elipitcle machine then onto the tread mill and I finish with a stationary bike or stair master. On days when I just don't feel like hitting the machines, I circut train on the various lifting machines. I need to compete with myself to motivate me. I always try to go a litter farther or a little faster than the last time I did a particular machine. This works for me and gets me to come back to something I find absolutely boring.
  9. DRH


    It appears to be the same compounds as what I take but a different distributor. This is also cheaper than what I pay. Try it, it cant hurt. Also, if you live in a area where horses are raised, try the Tack shops. trainers have been using this stuff for a long time, and it is cheaper than buying it on line....
  10. DRH

    Who has a dual sport 250x in Califonia?

    It CAN'T be done legally!!!!! I don't care what others have said or will say. It all comes down to VIN numbers and eventually they will get you. You might find a DMV that will sign off on all the legal stuff, horns, directional signals, mirror and on and on, but the following year they will catch the mistake and pull you reg and lic. Been there and done that.....
  11. DRH


    I take a prescribed anti-inflamatory medication, and I use MSM topical gel on the sore spot. I hate taking pills so I don't take the prescrition as often as I should, but I do use the MSM all the time when pain is present. For me the MSM lessens the pain more than the medication, however, this may be because I don't take the medication twice a day as it suggests.
  12. If you check out OK medically, I suggest you dump all the sodium based foods you listed. Terriaki us nothing but SOY sauce (liquid salt) basically. Pizza is high on sodium as well. All your caffinated beverages are diuretics and promote water loss and leads to dehydration, the very thing you are trying to avoid.
  13. DRH

    Arm/Hand Training

    I am not sure that your arm pump lead to cramping. Arm pump is usually a result of lack of conditioning while cramping is the lack of hydration (water). You may have been riding tense with a death grip. The more concerned you got the harder you gripped the bike. Cramping on the other hand is caused by the lack of water in your system. You should hydrate yourself before, during and after your race. If racing is a season long event, you should should learn to drink water days before an event. Avoid caffinated beverages completely. Once cramping starts, its to late to reverse it, your done and you have to ride with it..............
  14. DRH

    Arthritus, Naproxen Sodium, long term

    I take a prescription dose of DICLOFENAC, its a anti inflamatory drug. I take it sparingly as I don't like taking pills. I do however use MSM topical gel. I found this little magic gel by accident, and have been using it for years. I just rub it on the sore spots (Hand and thumb area) when the pain starts up, I apply it 3 times one right after the other, and within minutes, the pain is gone or subsided greatly. Not sure how or why it works but it does for me. This is not DMSO and there is no odor and is not greasy. Look it up on the web!
  15. DRH

    Can balance be 'learned'?

    Is you hearing impaired at all? How is your eye sight? One or both of these can affect ones ballance. If thats not a problem, then practice what others have said. Look ahead! Looking down is a problem for all of us. Pick your spots early. Avoid looking and keying on things you DON"T want to hit, because you will inadvertently hit them all. The further ahead you plan your attack the better and faster you will be....