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  1. 06TTR50GUY

    check my cdi how???????

    ok so i have been hearing all this talk about how the cdis go out and all that! i thik mine wet out my bike just stopeed running one day i have checked everything how can i see if my cdi wet out???
  2. 06TTR50GUY

    Don't hit a crappy ramp 3rd pinned!!!!

    ya i know all the guys you are talking about i ride with them all the time they are jason eble dj umphries arlin vandemark. well jason broke his shoulder so hes not riding but i ride with dj all the time in that pic that white ford is djs truck well im planning on going out there next weekend so pm me or email me : bobby_itule@comcast.net and well ride some phat gaps
  3. 06TTR50GUY

    Don't hit a crappy ramp 3rd pinned!!!!

    dude that shit is out at pinal air park huh. i ride there all the time and the ramp is chapter 11 fmxs ramp huh they always bring there ramp out there i ride with them all the time.. well pm me and we cann ride together sometime
  4. 06TTR50GUY

    04 kx250f frame

    no its not the subframe is though
  5. 06TTR50GUY

    pic's of today

    hey where in az is that it looks like the tortolita mtns
  6. 06TTR50GUY

    Phoenix Suspension

    use motoworksx suspension or zr1 they are the best in az moto works is in pheonix but zr1 is in tucson
  7. 06TTR50GUY

    free mods?

    are then any free mods to do on a 2004 kx250f if there are how do u do them thanks for all ur help
  8. 06TTR50GUY

    how to remove backfire screen?

    how do u remove it and where is it? how much of a improvement will it make
  9. hows it going guys .. ok here is the deal my dad has a 1996 xr250 that he has had for a while when we first got it it want through alot of oil so we kept chaining and filling . well after a while we noticed that after a day of riding the rear wheel and swingarm would be covered in oil. now when ever we fill it up after like 2 mins of it being running all the oil is all over the rear wheel and swinger. like when you stop after like 2 mins you can see it pouring out of there. the weird thing is is that its all coming out of the air filter box . so some how all the oil is getting into the filter box and draining out the drain plug thing on the bottom ... please help me i need it bad