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  1. JoeWitAFro

    TRX250r chassis...should I buy?

    By the way, im certain you can find a nicely built motor for 1k with carb and maybe pipe. Plastics you can buy used or new for about 400.
  2. JoeWitAFro

    TRX250r chassis...should I buy?

    Thats a great deal if it is a rolling chassis with swingarm/a-arms, shocks, etc. There are so many aftermarket parts out there for a 250r still, aswell as stock parts. If you keep the bike in good condition you shouldn't have to replace the discontinued parts. Make sure you clean your bike very well after rides, grease bearings/lube bushings, soak chain in oil and keep matinence on the motor. you will be able to run an 85-89 motor in the frame but know the 85-86 motors were short rod (rev's faster).. and the rest were long rods. I gaurantee you that you will not find a GOOD condition 88-89 bike for 2k! TRUST me on that. Unless there are problems with it like motors blown or frame is cracked or other things. I bought my built 86 for 5k and my brothers ported and pipped 86 for 3250. 3k is about as low as they get for a stock/not good condition bike that has nothing really wrong with it. If you can get all the parts for under 2k you made a huge deal but it might take a bit to get every thing right. If you want help on what u need to buy and where to buy it pm me.
  3. JoeWitAFro

    Transworld WTF?

    which quad do you speak of? ^^ Any ways, your a dumbass to think any one can ride a quad as good as the pros.. Theres a reason they are "professionals"... I don't see you riding like doug gust or pullin' off back flips on a quad? Now stop talkin, thanks.
  4. JoeWitAFro

    my bike

    maybe you should jump off a bridge =D.. with your bike. It must float with that special nasa air.
  5. JoeWitAFro

    my bike

    mod - cleaned the bike - $45.. LOL!!!
  6. JoeWitAFro

    GREAT picture:

    any one notice stewarts riding pants say "welcome race fans" on his butt.. and RC's says "Attitude"
  7. JoeWitAFro

    pics riding with broken leg

    Like many others have said.. Quad riders arent the only dumb ones.. Guy has a broken leg, without a helmet, or boots, or any protective gear... NICE ONE!!
  8. JoeWitAFro

    typical weekend at hollister hills

    hrmm whats the story behind the video?
  9. JoeWitAFro

    my version of a team honda bike

    I think it would look better orange, w/ some KTM stickers on it. lol...
  10. JoeWitAFro

    typical weekend at hollister hills

    i see an awful lot of coding but no pictures.
  11. JoeWitAFro

    baddest 85?

    dont lie.. Only idiots lie who want attention. I dont wanna hear the excuses either. Just say "sorry.. I lied".. end of story.
  12. JoeWitAFro

    Phoenix torrent

    it says anahiem 1??? jw if u named it wrong or..
  13. JoeWitAFro

    Oregon Dunes

    True dunes? lets be serious here.. Glamis can't match up with winchester bay. True.. its not amazingly large, but thats the best part.. Not being filled with sandrails wheeling up hills at you. I've been to all of the riding areas in oregon.. Winchester bay, Florence, Spinreel, sandlake. Honeymen is has sand access for about 3-4 months i believe during the winter that leads right to the bigger hills. Florence (honeymen) has big sound laws and you will be ticketed for loud bikes. Most of the time stock exhaust's dont even cut it. There is also www.discoverypointresort.com in winchester bay. Winchester has larger dunes than florence and imo is 10x better. They don't really inforce sound laws, and you can rent little cabins there aswell, Not as "appealing" as honeymen's (florence) camping areas though.
  14. JoeWitAFro

    No KTM 450s (or 250s) in SX?

    Btw... sheit jap bikes cant compare to the ktm. others have listed the reasons why people dont ride it. and non factory riders ride red cause its so cheap compared to other bikes.